5 Ways to Use Your New Burner Phone


While you might not be discarding your burner phone because you are being hunted down by your own government like in all those action films, you do need to know how to use it. Because while you can throw your burner phone into your emergency bag and forget about it until you need it, there are other ways you can use your new burner phone.

There are plenty of scenarios where you can benefit from having a second phone number and a little increased anonymity, and here are some ingenious ways that you can use your new burner phone.

1.Job Hunting

Sometimes you need to call out for some jobs, but it does run the risk of you getting one job, and having the other companies still trying to call and contact you. So rather than letting them know that you have a job and won’t be needing their services anymore, why not just forget the matter entirely? If you need to use your phone for a job, then just use a burner number and forget about the number if you don’t get the job.

That way, no worries about potential employers calling you and no hard conversations to be had! 

2.Online Selling, Dating, and Contact

Whether you are selling your clothes, dating a new beau, or talking to someone online, there’s a chance the relationships could go sour and you don’t want that person having your phone number if things go bad. So give them your burner phone number instead, because this will keep your identity private as well as give you the power to end the conversation by just disregarding the number altogether.

It’s a great way to keep yourself safe and secure, while (especially in the case of online dating) allows you to give your real phone number only to the person you trust. It can be a big step, and might be a sign that you are ready for a better relationship.

3.Use The Number To Sign Up For Free Trials 

Some people have a fake email address they use for ‘clutter email’ or for ‘throwaway accounts.’ It’s the kind of email you use whenever you need to sign up for a grocery store membership but know you will never check the emails, or a quick email account that you use whenever you need to sign up for something you know you are only going to use once or twice.

A burner phone number can do the same thing, because there are plenty of free trials, memberships, and other things that will require a phone number. If you don’t want to turn down dozens of spam calls and avoid having your public number put on lists, then giving the number of your burner phone is just as effective.

No spam calls, robot marketers, or other inconveniences for you, and you still get all the benefits of giving out your number because no one can tell the difference! Seems like the ultimate win-win!

4.Bring A Cheap Phone To Dangerous Places

If you are the type of person who seeks adventure, then you might wonder if you should bring your phone with you. However, having an expensive phone on the top of a mountain, inside of a phone, or at a protest (where phones can be confiscated by the police if things get rough) can be a real problem. After all, for many people their entire lives are on their phones.

Having a burner phone in a risky place can be the perfect compromise. You can use your burner phone to talk and text people, without really caring if it gets damaged or destroyed because they are designed to be disposed of anyway. While risk might not happen to you on your trips and adventures, it is always good to be prepared if it does, and that way you are not losing your phone!

5.Use It For Travel

Some countries have problems with the SIM carriers of major phone companies, where you will have major data rack up if you try to call or text in another country, if you get any data at all. However, cheap burner phones that are often available at the airport anyway can be bought. Then you can get a SIM card that is compatible with your destination and call wherever you would like without getting a massive bill.

There are more uses to burner phones than as tools for action heroes and criminals in the movies, and you can use a burner phone to protect your identity as well as keep yourself safe as you go about living your life. They are pretty useful for all types of situations, and once the situation where you need a burner phone has passed, then you can just discard it.


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