6 Factors to Check When Choosing Student Accommodation

Choosing Student Accommodation

As a student, you do not enjoy unlimited spending power. A cost-effective potential residence that allows you to interact with other students, access to support networks and student-friendly services are worth your consideration. Choosing Student accommodation facilities can be found on and off-campus.

Conducive housing contributes significantly to making your college life a memorable one. While pursuing, the place where you stay requires thoughtful consideration. Thus, choosing student accommodation demands a sharp eye and considerable research.

Factors to Consider

If you like to live among your community of fellow students but still value your privacy, private housing grants you more flexibility than university dorms. Consider the listed six essential aspects when selecting student accommodation that best complies with your personal preferences:

  1. Security Provisions

The security provisions at your prospective housing facility should be a top priority. Restricted access, patrol guards on duty, security cameras, emergency helpline numbers and a reception desk manned round the clock are some reassuring signs. 

Since you are living away from home, your family will enjoy peace of mind when your safety is not compromised. Also, as an outstation student, you should not have to worry about how safe your valuables and cash are while locked in your room.   

2. Distance from Campus

The proximity of your housing facility to the university campus is a critical aspect. The convenience of staying closer to campus reduces your travelling time to and fro, thereby allowing you more quality study time. With cheaper accommodation, you most often end up spending more on commuting.

3. Rental Inclusions

To avoid unpleasant surprises after you finalise the housing contract, read the terms carefully and keep a watch for hidden additional costs. Clarify at the outset if the cost for using utilities like electricity, internet and water are included in your monthly rental or not.

After all, assessing the affordability of your total monthly expenses is vital. Security deposit, length of the lease agreement, utilities included, the penalty for breaking the lease, check-in and check-out dates are integral contract components. Confirm your exact individual contribution if you intend to share the living space. 

4. Accessibility to Essential Services

If you prefer living off-campus, your prospective accommodation should be conveniently located from essential services. These include public transport, laundry services, gyms, supermarkets, medical services, eating joints etc. Concentrate on housing that provides study areas and activity hubs to unwind with friends.

5. Stable Internet Connection 

In today’s digital world, a fast, reliable and stable internet connection is a necessity. As a college student, you rely on the internet to research material for your assignments and widen your knowledge base. 

Also, having an uninterrupted internet connection allows you to remain in constant touch with your loved ones. Choosing a property that assures you of consistent internet supply even if it requires you to pay an additional sum is worth your money.

6. Essentials You Need to Bring Along

Besides your clothing and toiletries, you need to know what else to carry with you. Check if the prospective housing facility provides essentials like a mini-fridge, kettle, food warming provision, toaster and ironing board. Knowing this beforehand helps you plan better and cater to the missing room amenities.   

Viewing a potential student accommodation property before signing on the dotted line allows you to examine its security provisions, quality of fittings and hygiene levels. Finding student housing that successfully creates that comfortable haven for you and feels like a second home is an ideal start to your university years.

Trust a welcoming accommodation known to check all the boxes. You, as a student, will understandably prioritise where your housing is concerned. The convenient amenities on offer cater to your every need without neglecting your safety.


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