6 Reasons to Try Trail Running

Trail Running

Serious runners who’ve spent years running track races tend to look suspiciously at the recent growth of trail running. After all, why should you set a PR on a course offering uneven footing, hills and narrow trails with less room for passing? Again, serious runners should be on a measured road or track where they can keep track of their time and pace to compare their efforts.

The truth is, both experienced and new runners greatly benefit from trail running. Even better, these benefits will help you enjoy running, improve your race times on that track and protect yourself from injuries. Instead of slogging out on that treadmill, you munch your miles on bridleways and footpaths in the countryside. And from giving those bones a break to managing your mental health, there are numerous reasons you should try it.

Six Reasons You Should Try Trail Running

  1. It improves your overall fitness

Running on trails improves your overall fitness. That resistance of running uphill enhances your leg strength. The uneven ground improves your balance, ankle strength and flexibility. Having to adjust your stride length to handle rocks and roots enhances your coordination and agility.

Furthermore, running down on steep hills conditions muscles against impact and increases leg speed. The list is endless, but generally, you improve your fitness and become a better runner on the track or road as you perfect running on trails.

  1. Its adventurous

Trail running cannot be compared to running on the road. Running on the road is boring as there is little to see. Want to see beautiful places? Try trail running. It’s like you are on a mini-adventure. You will notice hidden spots, get lost running up a hill and muddy forest, then find your way after discovering fantastic places.

  1. Running on the trail is easier on your body compared to running on the pavement

Mud, earth, and grass are kinder to the body than running on the tarmac. If you are an experienced runner, give those bones a break by swapping tarmac for the countryside every once in a while. And if you are new to running, soft surfaces will be great in easing your body since there is less impact on the bones. Besides, softer trails will result in less joint pain and overall wear and tear.

  1. You improve your speed

If you are concerned about your running time, be assured that trail running will improve your speed. A lot of trail running involves hills. Running uphill will make you stronger. In fact, it’s among the most efficient way of strength training for runners because you use all muscles you activate running on flat surfaces but improve your strength due to more resistance.

Actually, winners dominating the elite levels of sports incorporate trail running in their training. They run both on soft surfaces and hills but hint at trail running as the secret to their success.

Getting off those tarmacs and running on trails is the best thing to improve your running. You just need to have the best trail running shoes and you are good to go.

  1. You run in a friendly environment

Trails are off-limits to vehicles, so you won’t inhale carbon monoxide every time a vehicle drives by. Studies reveal an increase in cardiovascular disease in those who exercise in a polluted environment. The numerous trees on trails offer an oxygen-rich environment, shelter from the wind, and adequate shade in hot weather. All these create a good running environment to improve speed and enjoy running.

  1. It’s good for your mental health

Running in the countryside improves your mental health and gives much-needed headspace. Running links the serotonin tap to the musculature. Experts believe it has a positive cognitive function, and they are trying to understand. Patients with depression are advised to try running on trails as it has therapeutic benefits for mental health.

Bottom line

From improving your speed, increasing your strength, and improving your mental health, trail running has numerous benefits. Besides, you never get bored as you focus on the beauty of nature more than the running itself. It might seem tiring at first, but with the right trail running shoes from www.runnersneed.com/c/shoes/trail-running-shoes.html, you get comfortable and start running like a pro.


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