6 Sex Positions to Try with a Cam Girl

6 Sex Positions to Try with a Cam Girl

If you’re familiar with live girl webcam services, you’ll know it’s a million miles from conventional one-way porn.  When you hook up with a cam girl in a one-on-one session, what you’re taking part in is more like an online date. 

And just as would be the case in the real world, it’s in your best interests to at least make some effort to show them a good time. 

More men and women than ever before are discovering the incredible benefits of virtual sex. Knowing how to get the most out of every virtual encounter doesn’t always come easy. There’s no virtual sex instruction book to turn to, nor can you be expected to hit a home run right out of the gate. 

Even so, nailing the basics of virtual sex with live webcam girls can be surprisingly straightforward.  You simply need to flip the script for a moment and consider what you can do for them. 

If in Doubt, Ask

The truth is, one of the best (and hottest) things you can do to get a cam girl off is to ask them what they want. Not only does this allow them to see you perform, but it also demonstrates a genuine interest in their enjoyment.

As any woman will tell you, this is a massive turn-on in its own right. 

Even so, the confidence to take control and to demonstrate that you already know what a girl wants can be even sexier.  Knowing what to say and when to say it during virtual sex is important, but so is getting yourself into the perfect position.

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Which Positions Work Best with Cam Girls?

You can ask a cam girl directly what positions she would like to see you in and oblige accordingly. Alternatively, you can try out (and be sure to practice in advance) any of the following and take it from there:

The Elevated Camera 

This is where you place your smartphone or computer in an elevated position and angle the camera downwards. This can be a highly flattering vantage point in the right lighting and opens the door to a wide variety of possible positions. Kneel on the floor right away from the camera to provide a full view of your body, and you’re good to go. 

On Your Command 

Referring back to the point above, this is where you put yourself at the complete mercy of your cam girl. You’ll need to use a camera that’s easy to move and reposition, as you’ll be taking direct commands from your date regarding what they want to see. Great when combined with a striptease, take your time to show them your body one inch at a time. 


Speaking of which, the classic striptease never fails to get things moving with a cam girl. You can make things up as you go along or form some kind of choreographed routine to the music of your choice. Another great way to make a striptease even more fun is to play some kind of game with your date, where the winner gets to request the removal of an item of clothing and the position of their choice.

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A shot of a person’s face in the throes of ecstasy can be sexier than any money shot. After all, you should take just as much (if not more) pleasure in your partner’s satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, crotch close-ups and graphic shots, in general, aren’t always needed for seriously hot virtual sex. You can let them watch your face as you writhe in pleasure and try the same in reverse.

Mutual Masturbation 

This can be approached from about any angle but generally involves you and your cam girl lying side by side in similar positions. You angle your camera to give a full head-to-toe shot of your entire body and slowly masturbate yourselves to completion. During this, you tell each other what to do, talk dirty, and (ideally) bring your favorite sex toys into the mix.


Last up, it takes some skill and practice to pull off, but the POV position can be pure dynamite for virtual sex. This is where you position and angle your camera in such a way as to make the whole experience look ‘first person’. Think about where the cam girl’s eyes would be if she was with you, and give her the full POV experience. Something that can work particularly well with simulated oral sex if you get it right.


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