6 signs that indicate if the tree is dying

tree is dying

Trees are one of the valuable assets, and they provide an aesthetic appearance to your landscape. Not only this but having trees in your property will also offer you with shade and shelter. So, most of the people consider planting trees in their backyard or any free space in their house. However, a problem with trees is that sometimes there might be dying trees with brown leaves or weak branches, which can create a lot of problems. Broken branches from dying trees can cause injuries to your family and pets, and it might also cost you with a lot of repairs if it falls on your car or other properties. In order to solve this kind of situation, you can consult with various professionals who can help you in solving problems related to maintaining trees. There are different types of tree services available today. One of the companies which offer such services is Carmel Tree Service, which helps you in safe tree removal at an affordable rate. Also, you do not have to worry about the arborist as they are professional and properly licensed. However, here are 6 signs that indicate if your tree is dying. So, make sure you take these signs seriously before it damages your property.

  1. Discoloration of the branches: One of the obvious signs that the tree is dying is when the branches begin to get discolored. As the tree starts dying, its branches become loose and start falling off the tree. There might also be vertical cracks or missing barks in the tree. So, it is necessary that you check for deep splits in the bark or other loosening of the branch. It is often seen that the cracks can create a weakness that often leads to other damages during storms or other weather conditions. However, if you cannot tell if the branches are giving you a sign, you can always consult a professional and can conduct a dead branch test. This is one of the ways you can find out the condition of your tree. Also, this process is a simple, quick, and easy way to identify if your tree is in a healthy state or not. In order to avoid future issues, you need to fix up the watering problems, such as bad drainage. For this, you can add some natural fertilizer and prune. If the test shows that your tree is dying, then you need to contact the professional team immediately so that they can solve your problems.
  2. Excess Leaning: Excess leaning is another sign, and it is most unlikely that you will see a tree that is entirely upright as various weather conditions might cause the tree to lean out of place. However, if you find out that your tree is leaning in one direction, you need to inform the tree inspectors immediately as this can be an indication that your tree is suffering from root damage. Carmel Tree service is one of the tree services that will offer you good advice on how to find out about the various warning signs. So, if you feel that your tree is leaning excessively to one side, you can call these kinds of services for help, and they will inspect the cause and bring out solutions. If you neglect this sign, it can be dangerous and might even cause injuries 
  3.  Lack of leaves: Another significant indication that your tree is dying is lack of leaves, and if you notice this sign early, you can easily get it fixed, and you need not opt for entire tree removal. There might be other reasons for the lack of leaf growth like sudden changes in the weather conditions and over wet or dry conditions. Other than this, various pests and diseases can also cause problems in leaf growth. Therefore, early examination of the leaves can help in determining the issue and then find out possible solutions to solve this problem. However, if you have an old tree in your area, it is especially important that you keep an eye on the leaf growth, especially during the spring and summer season. This is because it is during these months that the branches of your trees will have delicate flowers and crisp leaves. If you do not see this in your tree, then you should immediately call for tree service companies and assess your tree completely to find out the problem
  4. Overgrown branches: Sometimes, overgrown branches can also pose severe problems, and if you do not pay attention to it, it can cause decay of the tree. So, when you are assessing the tree, it is important that you look out for overgrown branches. If there are overgrown branches, they will be forced to grow over each other, which can cause them to fight for space. Other problems might include malnutrition, lack of sunlight, and the festering of pests and diseases. Thus, calling a tree service provider, like Travs Trees hedge trimming, is important as they will visit your property and prune any excess branches and ensure that the trees are in good health.
  5. Root Damage: If your tree shows root damage, it can also be a sign that your tree is dying. Since the roots are deep underground, determining the root problem is not easy. Especially if you have done a recent excavation, you need to look out for any kind of changes in the tree’s health. Similarly, if your tree has an exposed root system, it is important that you check all the factors that might affect the roots of the tree
  6. Diseases: Trees might also have a number of diseases that you might not be aware of. Depending on the type of disease, the tree might show different symptoms. So, if you find symptoms like peeling bark, mildew formation, etc., you need to call for tree Trav’s Trees hedge trimming inspection services as they are better aware of the conditions and solve all your problems

These were few of the signs, and if you detect any of these signs you can consult Carmel Tree Service who will assess the condition of your tree and provide you with professional solutions.

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  1. Your examples of how to tell if a tree is diseased like mildew formation or peeling bark were very helpful to read. When I was strolling with my cousin around his farmyard, we were alarmed by a pretty particular tree that was far off which had a different color from the rest of the trees in the forest. Now that I know that these kinds of trees are dangerous to keep around, since they might infect the rest of the trees, I’ll make sure to get a tree removal professional to help us take care of it.


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