6 Simple Rules for Raising a Healthy Kid

Raising a Healthy Kid

Raising a child is not an easy task, but by following these simple rules you will be on the right path for raising a healthy kid

1. Instill healthy eating habits

We’re living in the midst of an obesity crisis. In order to have a child with a healthy BMI you should pay close attention to their nutritional needs. Provide them with a wide array of fruits and vegetables and don’t saturate their meals with sugar and butter. Don’t use food as means of external motivation since they may grow up to associate good and bad behaviour with certain eating patterns. In other words, food shouldn’t be looked at as a punishment or a reward. Also, make sure you practice what you preach. Don’t nag your child for eating too much sugar when you have a big sweet tooth yourself. Try not to forget that healthy eating habits will stick with your child through their adulthood, making sure that they grow up to be a healthy individual.

2. Listen to other parents

It is true that you may know what is the best thing for your child but sometimes paying attention to what others have to say provides diverse perspectives that can be quite helpful. Differently put, the only way to learn is to listen and elaborate on other’s experiences. Since all of this may sound quite obtuse, pay attention to this practical example. For instance, when you’re researching the best kindergarten for your child you will pay attention to other parents’ evaluations of local kindergartens or when you’re looking for the best milk substitute you will research and stumble upon this Friso 3 review. Other parents’ experiences may help you settle on the most suitable and healthiest options for your child.

3. Vaccinate on time

The easiest way to secure your kid’s future well being is to get them inoculated during the wight time period. Some research shows that the likelihood of vaccine side effects increases if they’re given late. This is why children are supposed to get certain shots at a certain age. In order to make sure that your young one is the healthiest they can be, you should never delay their vaccinations.

4. Bedtime is teachable

Kids need to get enough sleep in order to grow properly and thankfully sleeping schedules are easily taught to young children. The best advice is to start instilling a regular sleeping schedule when your child is a toddler, but it’s never too late. Researchers have found that the healthiest bedtime for youngsters is before 9PM. Kids who go to bed before nine have less behavioral issues, are less likely to have a high BMI and are more likely to grow into well adjusted individuals. 

5. Sunscreen is your child’s best friend

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen shouldn’t be reserved for summer time. UV rays are harmful all year long – the only difference is that during hot summer days a lot more skin is exposed to them. Another thing to have in mind is that getting a sunburn in early years is found to be related to a higher risk of skin cancer. To minimize these risks don’t expose your infants to sun and cover your older ones with an SPF higher than 30 all year long.

6. Learn proper hand washing techniques

Research has proven that the number one culprit for spreading infection are our hands. To add insult to injury, young children can’t keep their hands out of their face. In order to reduce the harm of their germ infested fingers it is imperative to teach them to properly and often wash their hands. Don’t forget to teach them to wash their thumbs and the gaps between their digits – these are the easiest to neglect while washing!


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