6 tips for setting up an impressive home bar


A good drink brings people together. It has become part of life’s greatest moments, from welcoming the new year, toasting at a wedding, or simply capping off the night. It’s no wonder why many indulge in it occasionally.

Everyone deserves to have responsible fun, and it’s sometimes best achieved with a drink in hand. That said, if you’re one of those who enjoy a good happy hour indoors, setting up a home bar may be right for you.

Why invest in a home bar

A home bar can be a great addition to your place. Here are some reasons why investing in it is worth it:

Lets you enjoy your favourite drinks with ease

When you want to drink, you may go to bars or clubs. However, convenience-wise, nothing beats the ease of staying indoors while enjoying your favourite drinks.

This is where a home bar comes in handy. Adding this feature to your place lets you enjoy drinks as hassle-free as possible.

Unless you want to, you no longer need to commute to treat yourself to some cocktails. You also don’t have to put up with tipsy guests screaming at bouncers.

Makes hosting parties much easier

Throwing parties at home is more convenient with a thoughtfully designed home bar. Once you create one, you get to have an impressive place for entertaining friends and family.

Helps improve your bartending skills

A glass of wine is perfect for celebrating the end of a day, while tequila shots are great for releasing inhibitions. No matter the event, you can likely find an alcoholic beverage suitable for that very moment.

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With a home bar, you can easily share the joy and comfort that come with responsible drinking. This is especially true if you love making mixed drinks and cocktails.

Hacks on creating a home bar you’ll love

  • Decide between a dry bar or a wet bar

Once you decide to set up a home bar, choose between a dry bar and a wet bar according to your drinking habits and preferences.

A dry bar is your best bet if you simply want a special spot to showcase your liquor collection or plan on serving drinks that don’t require mixing. This doesn’t need plumbing, so it’s easier and cheaper.

On the other hand, a wet bar is right for you if you want to serve drinks that need mixers. It’s equipped with a faucet, sink, and small refrigerator to make mixers, garnishes, and liquor accessible.

  • Find a space

The best thing about a home bar is it doesn’t have to be spacious. An entire room convertible into a full-sized pub is ideal, but an unexpected nook can also be transformed into a cosy bar.

That said, think about the unused spaces in your home and be creative in making it a place designed for enjoyment and relaxation. A tiny closet, for instance, can be changed into a home bar.

You also have the option to build your home bar from scratch. To kickstart your project, work with drafting professionals and designers who can help make your vision a reality.

  • Make a stunning display

A show-stopping display in your home bar makes for a powerful style statement. To proudly display your growing liquor or glassware collection, install sophisticated storage. In particular, cabinets or floating shelves offer a practical and stylish way of storing your drinks, bar glassware, and other bartending tools. 

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In addition, cocktail glasses, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, and other utensils can serve as functional decorations. Keep them in a cabinet with metal mesh or glass doors to show them off tastefully.

  • Consider lighting

When creating a home bar, lighting is crucial. It can make or break the ambience of your space, depending on the lighting you use.

As a general rule, avoid flooding your home bar with bright lights. Opt for mood lighting that gives an ambient glow for a warm, inviting look. This includes decorative pendant lights, sconces, and colour-changing LEDs. 

  • Add some character

A home bar is a perfect space to express your personality with style. The world is your oyster, so get creative with designs. For example, paint the walls with bold colours or install a striking backsplash.

If you’re setting up a wet bar, you can add a decorative sink. It can even double as a decorative accessory if it has a nickel or copper finish.

  • Stock up on bar essentials

A home bar won’t be complete without essentials. Whether you want your space to mimic a professional bar or fully customise it according to your preferences, you need to stock up on bar tools and equipment that lets you make drinks.

A cocktail shaker, beer and wine opener, jigger, muddler, and mixing spoon and cups are just some items your bar should have. To make your spot even more functional and stylish, feel free to add a bar and table stool.

Set up your dream home bar

A home bar might just be the at-home entertainment feature that can give the look and ambience you’re looking for in your house. If you decide to set one up, put more thought and time into creating your dream space.

The design options are endless. It’s up to you to make your bar setup a cosy spot where you and your friends can look forward to spending time in. To get started on your project, consider following these hacks.


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