7 Best Forex Trading Tips for Newbies

Forex Trading

Many people have the common misconception that the forex market can help them become rich in a matter of days. While it may be true in some cases, the majority of the traders have to go through a learning stage before they have a chance of becoming successful. If you are a novice in this market, it makes sense to understand some key aspects of the market to avoid unnecessary losses. Luckily, here are some helpful tips for beginners on how to know about best forex trading tips.

  1. Always keep your emotions under control: Human emotions can have a negative effect on your trading if you do not work to control them. In fact, stress, anger and greed are three emotional responses that are responsible for inducing traders to make wrong trading decisions. You should always make sure to keep a clear and rational mind while trading. In times of stress, you should stop trading and find out the cause of your stress, either by removing it or reducing its impact. In this aspect, risk management can help you identify and avoid those particularly dangerous emotions while trading.
  2. Using a Strategy: You should always draw out an action plan before you commence trading. Thanks to the myriad of useful information available online, one can easily select a trading strategy that fits their style and apply it on their trading. You should also consider more than one trading strategy that fits your trading skills. This is to account for the volatility in this market, as well as the sudden changes it experiences. This does not mean using hundreds of indicators and charts. It simply means that you should have more than one trading strategy which you can apply after ascertaining how the market is behaving.
  3. Timeframes: Trading on the appropriate timeframe in trading is key to early success. It is always advised to start with a bigger timeframe, rather than focus on shorter ones. This helps you get the feel of the whole trend and direction of the market, serving as an indication for potential short-term opportunities in the market, such as when it a good idea to go long or short. If you are a contrarian trader, then trends are your friend.
  4. Choose the right broker: This is where things get tricky, as the number of brokers available in the market is almost infinite. In recent years this market has also attracted its fair share of frauds and scams, which make it difficult to evaluate a broker’s effectiveness. To avoid any unnecessary traps, always choose brokers that have a good reputation and also years of experience in the market. For the sake of shortening the learning curve, you should also consider choosing a broker that provides educational resources as well as certain tools that help novice traders get a grip of the market. For instance, IQ Option a well-known international broker that provides an easy UI and many other resources to help beginners on their platform to prosper. Thus, IQ Option is the Perfect Broker for Newbies.
  5. Consider trying out a demo account: Always choose brokers that offer you a demo account before finally committing to their services. A demo account helps novice traders come to terms with how a market in real-time behaves. These accounts mimic real-time trading by providing users with virtual funds to try out the market. This way, novice traders can apply their own trading styles and evaluate their success without having to invest any real money. IQ Option also provides a demo account for their users to try out their services for free.
  6. Review your activity: It is always good to maintain a trading journal to take a note of your own trading activity. Following it up with analysing trades and patterns is also a good move. When reviewing your own trading decisions, ask yourself the following questions: were the trades profitable? Are they worth taking again? What were reasons for the losses? Others.
  7. Appropriate Risk management: Risk management is the cornerstone of trading safely. There have been instances where successful traders have lapses in their risk management and have squandered huge amounts. There are several educational resources available on risk management especially catered towards newbies. Additionally some brokers provide additional risk management tools to help their novice users.


There are a myriad of brokers available that offer trading in a safe environment. It is up to novice traders to follow all the above tips to ensure a safe trading experience. Taking some time to research all the different options available will make things easier. There are also sites dedicated to list some of the best brokers so that you can use them for an easy comparison.  Selecting the right broker is key to ensure trading success in the long run.


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