7 Essentials For Starting A Pawnshop Business

Pawnshop Business

If you’ve watched shows such as Pawn Stars or Storage Wars, you would know that junk is not always as it seems. What may seem like junk to some people, is in fact priceless. Having a pawnshop business is very interesting, and it will give you a chance to meet people, hear their stories, and make some money on the side. However, before you do start your pawn shop business, you should have a set strategy to follow. Remember that you will be investing your own money into the project, and it would be risky if you go into the project without a plan. Here are 7 Tips  for starting a pawnshop business.

1. Hire Competent Employees

When it comes to running a pawnshop, it is important that you hire the right people. Remember that your shop will have a lot of valuable antiques and memorabilia lying around. If your employees are not trustworthy , they might steal some of the items and say that they were misplaced.

 Before you hire any employee, it is important that you interview them to check whether their temperament and personality are a good fit for your business. It is also important that you do a thorough background check on them, to see if they have had any run-ins with the law. Aside from a background check up, you should also check if they could work night shifts as well.

2. Location Is Key

If you are going to set up a pawn shop, it is important that you choose the right location. Remember that if you establish your shop in a seedy location in town, you might risk getting robbed in the long run. Remember that pawn shops are known to have a lot of money, and if you choose a dangerous location for your pawn shop, then you might be taking a big risk.

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3. Hunt For Great Items

Aside from what people bring in to your store, it is also a good idea to hunt down rare items yourself. Remember that there are millions of great finds out there, you just need to know where to look.one of the best areas to look for antiques are junk yards. However these areas could be dirty, so you will need to have a hand sanitizer with you during your treasure hunts. Aside from junk yards, you could also go to antique stores or auctions as well. The only setback to these kinds of stores, is that the objects they sell are more expensive.

4. Have Experts  On Call

When someone brings in an item or you do manage to find one, it is important that you have experts on call. While you may be a pawn shop owner, and you could spot a fake or get a good deal, there are items that you won’t be an expert on. If you don’t have an expert on cal, you might make a mistake and pay more for an item than you need to. Even if you consider yourself, an expert, there will always be times where you won’t know how to price a certain item.

5. Be Shrewd With Your Prices

When you price your items, it is very important that you are as shrewd as possible. Remember that your customers will always want to get the most pit of their items. While it is a good idea to be fair with your prices, you should also remember that you are running a business. If you want your business to thrive, you will need to make money off your pawned goods. There is a certain art to pricing pawned objects.

6. Be Extra Careful With Your Goods

If you are going to sell pawned objects, it is very important that you are careful with them. Remember that a majority of these goods are already old, and have experienced a lot of wear and tear. As a rule, it is important that you store them properly. 

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It is a good practice to use automated equipment such as robot arms to move your products.They are a lot faster and more precise, and could move your products at breakneck speeds without damaging them. They could also carry a lot of weight, and will not tire, even after a whole day’s worth of moving equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing robot arms, you should invest in EVS. It is an automation machine manufacturer that creates some of the best industrial robots in the world. Aside from using top-quality robot arms, you should also make sure that your workers  have gloves on when they hand the merchandise. This is especially true for swords, knives, or anything metallic. The oils from your hands could cause a chemical reaction, which will ultimately cause them to rust.

7. Hire Security

If you are going to set up a pawn shop it is important that you hire security. Remember that pawn shops are a target for criminals, because these shops are known to have money. As a rule, you should have a full-time security guard to patrol your shop. They should be properly trained, and have the necessary armor and weapons to defend your establishment. 

Aside from a security guard, it is also a good idea to install security cameras all over your pawn shop. This will ensure that any suspicious activity could be seen and recorded. It is also a good ifea to install bars to your cashier section, an an emergency button that will alert the authorities. These precaution might be tedious, however, but if you want to protect your store, you should invest in security. 


If you are thinking of starting your very own pawnshop business, it is important that you have a strategy to follow. Remember that you will be investing your money into the project, so you should know what you are doing. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a great pawn shop.


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