7 initiatives towards an eco-friendly road trip


    There is nothing like the freedom of driving on an open road. Road trips are fun, refreshing, and an exciting way to enjoy nature. It’s an adventure that many take to spend some quality time away from the city’s stressful life. With the recent climate change problems that mankind is facing, more and more people are taking eco-friendly road trips. You too can contribute your bit to save the environment by following the simple steps shared below:


    Vehicle maintenance

    Before going on a road trip get your vehicle maintenance done. This will ensure your safety throughout the trip and reduce fuel consumption. Overhauling or repairing worn engine parts increases its efficiency. Another important aspect of maintenance is to check tire condition. If tires aren’t inflated based on recommended PSI standards, then your vehicle’s efficiency will decrease. Monitor the air pressure in the tires throughout your trip and maintain it as per standards. These simple checks will ensure that your vehicle is in good health and consumes less fuel. All this will eventually reduce carbon emissions.


    Keep reusable items

    Plan ahead for your road trip so that you can make it more sustainable. By keeping reusable essentials with you on the trip, you will be able to reduce the usage of single-use items. Some of such items that you can carry in your trip are:

    1. Reusable mugs are perfect for picking up coffee at a gas station or drive-through restaurants. Some of these places also offer discounts if you bring your mugs.
    2. Keeping a stainless steel water bottle is also a good idea to reduce plastic usage during your trip.
    3. Reusable utensils like straws, plates, forks, etc. should also be included in your trip for reducing wastage.
    4. You can also carry some empty jars if you wish to pick some food items during your road trip.
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    Following these simple steps will help you in keeping your trip plastic-free.  


    Food products

    During your road trip, try carrying less packaged food items. Carrying fruits is a good choice to make. If you are unable to carry food items in bulk, then instead of purchasing take-outs, eat at restaurants on your road trip. If you love coffee, then you can take biodegradable coffee pods to drink coffee on the way. These pods generate minimal waste and come in many flavors. By making conscious choices during your trip you can make it more sustainable and eco-friendly. 


    Drive in the slow lane

    A road trip is all about enjoying scenic routes. So if you don’t drive slow enough, your vehicle’s efficiency will decrease and you also won’t be able to enjoy the view. Fuel efficiency is inversely correlated to speed. The faster you drive, the lower will be your vehicle’s efficiency and it will create more pollution. If your vehicle is slightly old and isn’t overhauled before the trip, it will throw more greenhouse gases during the trip. 


    Use air conditioning cautiously

    Using minimal air conditioning is another effective way to optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The air-conditioning in your vehicle cools the hot air with the help of coolants. This decreases fuel efficiency as part of the engine power is utilized in cooling fluids that cool the air. Based on a study, your vehicle’s efficiency can reduce by 10 percent with the use of air conditioning.  

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    Be sensitive towards nature

    Since you are going on a road trip, you will be adventuring into a lot of wild spaces. You must follow outdoor ethics while visiting these places. Don’t litter or damage anything. Drop the trash in designated trash cans. Setup camps at designated campsites. Ensure that you follow all the rules so that there is minimal impact on the natural environment. Treat these natural treasures as your own and take care of them.


    Shop and eat local

    During your road trip, you will be visiting a lot of unique local stores. Try to support these joints by buying food or other items from there. By doing this, you will not only be supporting the local economy but also supporting the local systems that cause minimal impact on the environment. These experiences are more genuine than going to a branded shop on the road trip.

    By implementing these tips and being more cautious of your choices, your trips will become greener and cost-effective. Do share your experience with us! 


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