7 Most Important facts about cleaning Sewer and Drainage Line

cleaning Sewer

Unclean sewer and drainage lines are a nightmare for any household. Did you know that not only do they result in problems like foul smells, but they can even trigger a number of diseases

It is important to keep an eye out for some common indicators of problems with your drainage and sewer lines. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about cleaning your drainage pipes:

  1. Check for Bad Odor

The most telling sign that something’s wrong with the plumbing is a bad odor. When water is unable to get filtered through the pipes, it’ll become stagnant.

After a couple of days, stagnant water is bound to give out a bad odor. The moment you notice an unpleasant smell coming from the drainage line, you should check the sewage for damage.

A lot of times, the sewage might simply be clogged because the water is carrying large pieces of substances that are unable to pass through the filters.

  1. Pooling Water is A Bad Sign

One of the first signs of damaged drainage, after bad odors, is water pooling at different points.

If you notice water puddles anywhere in your garden or along the drainage line, you must immediately check what’s wrong with the system.

In all likelihood, you’ll also be able to detect foul smells from these puddles.

  1. Keep an Eye Out For Drainage Speed

A blockage in the drainage pipes will reduce the speed with which water goes down the drain. If you notice that the speed of the water entering the drain is slowly reducing in the kitchen sink, bathroom, or any place else, you should immediately check the pipes for any clogging.

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If you don’t do anything about it early on, soon, the water in the pipes would become stagnant, rendering the drainage ineffective.

  1. Regular Clogging is Bad News

There is nothing wrong with occasional clogging. So many substances go down the drain that one of the days it’s bound to get clogged. If it’s not anything major, you can clean out the pipes yourself.

However, if you notice that the drainage is getting clogged on a regular basis, then the problem is much more serious. You should get an expert to look at the pipes and sort the problem out quickly. The longer you ignore clogging issues, the more difficult they’ll become to solve.


Different clogs will be addressed using a few popular methods. Snake drain cleaning is a common solution, however, the method that is used will depend on the extremity of the clog as well as the location of your main drain and accessibility.

  1. Chemical Drain Cleaning

One of the popular ways of unclogging drain systems is making use of solid or liquid chemicals to dissolve the substances that are causing the clog.

It is an effective solution but not the safest one. If you have small children in your house, you should try and avoid this cleaning option because the chemicals used can be harmful for their well-being.

Also, if not done through a reputed professional, the chemicals can even damage your plumbing systems – further adding to your problems. You can always opt for eco-friendly products that contain bacteria and enzymes to make this option safer and more effective.

  1. Hydro Jetting

A highly effective way of dealing with clogged sewer lines is using the hydro jetting technique. A hose is placed inside the sewage pipe and water is released under extremely high pressure.

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Because of the high pressure, the water blasts through all substances that are causing the clog and clear the pipe completely. Using this technique will definitely help solve your sewage problems.

  1. Call in Professionals

DIY solutions for cleaning sewage lines may be effective if the problem is something small.

However, if problems like clogging and leakage continue, you need to get in a professional service that cleans and maintains sewage lines. This will allow you to get any problem fixed in time before it spirals into something massive.

Other than that, you should also use high-quality casts like those from https://civilmart.com.au/ whenever a sewage system is being set up. This goes a long way in avoiding problems in the future.

Over to you…

Proper maintenance of drainage and sewer lines is critical to the health of everyone in your house. Make sure that you keep all the above facts about cleaning the drainage lines in mind and avoid extensive damage. 


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