7 Tips for Buying CBD Oil Online

Buying CBD Oil Online

The online CBD marketplace is massive. New companies are sprouting up every day offering new products and ways to take CBD. The number of choices can sometimes seem overwhelming. Since CBD is mostly unregulated, some responsibility lies on the consumer to do some research, so they do not buy hemp seed oil or products with dangerous additives. Whether you are looking for some CBD oil or CBD edibles online, make sure to follow our 7 tips for buying CBD oil online.

#1 Check Lab Tests

Before you purchase CBD oil online, make sure to check the company’s natural health product licensing and lab tests. You want to check these for several reasons. Many CBD retailers online try to pass off hemp oil as CBD oil, this is easily foiled by checking a lab test (the fraudulent companies trying to sell hemp oil won’t have them).

Make sure a third party does the lab test. You do not want a test from the manufacturing facility that has a vested interest in the sale of the product.

You also want to check the amount of THC, other cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, and pesticides. Most companies will have these available on their product pages.

#2 Look at Reviews

One of the best reasons to buy CBD online is the reviews. You can get an insight into real customer experiences about the products before you make a purchase.

CBD users are notorious for leaving detailed reviews about their experience using their favorite products. There is a lot to gain by seeing what CBD veterans are saying about a company’s products. Furthermore, If you are a pet owner, you can easily get reviews on CBD for cats and dogs as CBD products for pets are quite in demand.

#3 Find the Source of Hemp

Legitimate CBD online retailers will let you know where their hemp is coming from. Sourcing from FDA regulated farms ensures that the farm is using safe practices and your CBD won’t contain any harmful pesticides or heavy metals.

#4 Only Buy from GMP Certified Manufacturing Facilities

The retail CBD business is still the Wild West but farming and manufacturing are heavily regulated. If the company is based in the US, they should be using a manufacturing facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice Certified. Only safe facilities will earn this certification. If the company isn’t explicit about where its products are being manufactured, you may want to look at other options.

#5 Return Policy

Most CBD companies that allow customers to purchase cd oil online will offer a money-back guarantee. If their products are what they say they are, they should have no problem offering returns.

#6 Check the Ingredients

Most CBD oil online only contains CBD and carrier oil. But companies that add flavoring or offer CBD oil pills include other potentially harmful ingredients. Check to see if the ingredients are natural or if they are adding a ton of sugar to their products before you order online.

#7 Get a Discount Code

CBD advertising is rough. It is tough to get the word out, so most companies overprice their products and offer a discount code in their ads. Most likely the company has ads running somewhere with a discount code. You can check their social media or sign up for their newsletter on their website to obtain a code.

If you can’t find one, email them! This works most of the time. Someone will most likely get back to you with a code for 10-20% off.

Follow these seven steps and you will find great CBD products online. There are so many options such as 50mg CBD gummies, full-spectrum oils, CBD lollipops, and more available online.

Buying CBD has never been easier. If you make sure to do a little bit of research, you won’t be tricked into buying from a shady CBD retailer.



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