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Google remains the most popular search engine by far. Whenever people want to know about something, they type the keywords and Google provides them with relevant results. In fact, the tech giant is said to be processing more than 91,000 queries per second on average according to Internet Live Stats. This translates to several billion per day and trillions in a year. Most websites can thank these virtual tools for sending them a significant portion of their daily traffic. Many of the searches are from shoppers who are looking for products and services. Naturally, businesses want to reach out to them. At Evolve SEO Agency, they use every method possible to get client traffic from Google, and below are their 7 best tips to get more visitors from Google: 

1. Search Engine Optimization

Websites can rank higher naturally by making their focusing on their preferred keywords. These words should occur frequently across their pages to emphasize that their content revolves around these topics. For example, they could use titles, URLs, and blog posts that contain the keywords. However, they must not go overboard or else they could be flagged as spam. Sites should also ensure usability such as fast loading times by removing unnecessary media, reducing image size, and using fast web hosts. If they plan to rank high in image searches, then they should optimize the image tag as well. Fresh content should always be added to maintain relevance. 

2. Pay Per Click Ads

Ranking high in the search results through SEO is extremely effective but it can take time and a lot of effort. Those who are in a hurry may take another route to the top such as Pay Per Click ads or PPC. This means launching an advertising campaign with Google that automatically catapults them at the top of the search results. Organic results will be placed under them. The tech company gets paid every time someone clicks on the ads. There is competitive pricing for the spots and the keywords, so businesses have to be strategic in how they spend their ad dollars. 

3. Submit to the Google Index

Google provides webmasters with several tools that can be used to improve search engine performance. This includes the Search Console through which web pages can be submitted. Just send the URLs so that the crawler can perform a thorough check. If you have a large number of pages and you have noticed that some of them aren’t showing up in Google, then this is a great way to remedy the situation. Although this does not guarantee inclusion or increase page rank, it does help promote the site’s visibility. It also improves crawling efficiency. The Search Console can also help in generating deeper insights into search traffic.  

4. Analyze Traffic and Fix Errors

Website traffic can be tracked with various tools. Businesses can use the data provided by their webhost or install their preferred trackers to get more information. These can show where the visitors are coming from at the country, state, or city level. These may give the details of the devices used to access the site from the operating system to the browser. These could also show the top referral sites including Google, social networks, and so on. Broken links may also be listed for further action. Perhaps links can be fixed whenever possible. If not, then users can be redirected to other pages instead.  

5. Post as a Guest on Popular Sites

Guest posting is a popular option among bloggers and small businesses. If a business wishes to position its site as an important hub of information around a certain topic, then the owner or other employees may submit a post in popular sites to get access to their readership. Well-written articles will get good traction in terms of views and comments. Some might even click on the author’s profile and click the link to visit their home site. This type of high-quality link will also raise Google’s estimate of the site’s reputation and relevance on the topic being discussed. Many sites welcome guest posts as long as they bring value to the readers. 

6. Request for Re-inclusion

If a website has suddenly been removed from the search results, then figure out why by contacting Google’s support team. Perhaps there was a violation of the search engine’s quality guidelines. Maybe the site was wrongly marked as spam by the algorithm or by manual inspectors. Read through their document to find out what these guidelines are and determine the exact offense. Make corrections as soon as possible. After this, a request of re-inclusion may be submitted for their consideration. This may also be performed through the Search Console. In many cases, the crawler just didn’t find certain pages right away. It might take a bit of time before new pages are indexed. 

7. Create a Mobile Version

Lastly, consider creating a mobile version of the site to adjust to the changing habits of web users. There are much more phones than computers around the world. The accessibility, convenience, and ease of use are resulting in a greater number of phone-based searches. The problem is that most websites were originally designed to fit desktop and laptop screens. These are large with a landscape orientation as default. Text-heavy pages are readable with no issues. The sides can even be populated with ads, navigation menus, and other links. 

This kind of layout is not suitable for mobile phones which have smaller displays and a portrait orientation. It is harder to read the content if nothing changes in the web design. Most browsers can automatically detect the presence of a mobile version. They can show this instead whenever the situation calls for it. Pages that are optimized for mobile may be prioritized in the results when serving phone-based searches. More importantly, people appreciate highly readable mobile versions, so they are more likely to come back if they like the current content.  

Search engines remain vital sources of website traffic. Anyone who aspires to attract more visitors should seriously look into optimization techniques, search ad campaigns, and other strategies that can provide the results that they are looking for.


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