7 Underrated Inventions of the Past Decade

Underrated Inventions

Millions of different things and new technologies are invented every day. Some of them become known and bring fame and money, while others disappear from people’s attention. History knows many examples of underrated inventions that were later rediscovered. In this blog, you will know about 7 Underrated Inventions of the Past Decade.

Ancient civilizations created technologies that continue to amaze historians and inspire modernday inventors. Automatic doors and central heating were used in Ancient Greece and Rome. A steampowered bird that could fly for long distances was invented in 400 BC. This is the first robot in recorded history! Batteries and computers, cars, and planesthey all have a predecessor that existed for centuries before our time.

Lots of modern, lifechanging inventions stay underrated. Let’s not wait until the next generations rediscover them centuries later. Take a closer look at our seven underrated inventions of the past decade.


Artificial Intelligence is the mother of many new inventions. It is both overrated and underrated in the modern world. Influenced by movies and scifi books, most people expect too much of this technology. Independent humanoid robots and conscious computer systems are still in the future. But many other AI agents have become an essential part of our routine in the past decade. And it stays unnoticed

Here are some everyday uses of AI that you might not have considered: easy online shopping, personalized social media, targeted advertisements. AI technology largely controls your email filter. For example, Google uses machine learning algorithms to filter spam. Machine learning is also used to prevent fraud in banking, finance, and to protect internet users from identity theft. AI personal assistants deserve a separate item on our list.

Virtual Assistants

Intelligent digital assistants are present on every smartphone. They have different developers and names but share most of their features. Siri (Apple), Bixby, and Viv (Samsung), Alexa (Amazon), Google Now, and Google Assistant perform tasks or services for an individual based on commands or questions. Their capabilities are expanding rapidly because voice interfaces are perfect for navigation and busy situations. If you want buy college research paper it’s also are available online by voice command too.

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AI in Cars

Artificial Intelligence gives cars the ability to see, learn, and navigate. Almost every car manufacturer wants to introduce selfdriving technologies. Vehicles that drive themselves are being constructed with cameras and all kinds of sensors to allow the car to gather huge volumes of data. Based on this dynamic information, selfdriving cars are able to decide just like us.

Artificial intelligence agents surround us but often stay unnoticed, and as a resultunderestimated. When you say something to your smartphone, you don’t feel astonished anymore, forgetting that just a decade ago, this seemed impossible.

Reusable Rockets

SpaceX’s reusable launch system program started back in 2011. Its main aim was to accelerate the full reusability of space vehicles. SpaceX first accomplished a successful test in December 2015. The first reflight occurred in March 2017. Soon all SpaceX operations became routine. According to Elon Musk, almost every single piece of the developed rocket can be used over a hundred times! This can drastically decrease the price of space travel, making it more accessible. These rockets can potentially transform life on Earth and make longdistance space voyages possible for average people. Actually, SpaceX is working on Starshipa completely reusable twostage vehicle, intended to serve missions to Mars!

LED Light Bulbs

Energy use is decreasing in American households; how we light our homes is a big part of it. In 2007 the US Congress set standards for light bulb efficiency. The sales of the old lamps fell dramatically, and the American Light Bulb Revolution began. The switch to LED was rapid. They are 90% more efficient and serve longer. Think of it next time you switch on the lights at home! The technology is known since the 1960s, but it is during the last decade that these light bulbs became available for household consumers. The market expects a twelvefold sales growth of these lamps over the next decade.

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Printable Solar Cells

Printable, flexible, organic solar cells are made by printing a specially developed ink on plastic film. The cell generates electricity by absorbing particles of light. This extremely lightweight technology can be put on walls or even on construction materials directly. Up to ten meters of solar panel can be printed per minute, making it very costeffective. But yet it is underrated by the media and potential future users

Tidal Energy Harvesting

Tidal energy generators are huge underwater turbines placed in the areas of high tidal movement. Water is much denser than air and can generate electricity at lower speeds. This kind of energy produces no carbon dioxide, and its conversion efficiency is very high. This technology has lots of benefits: it is green, renewable, and predictable, but it is also costly. World’s biggest tidal power plant is in South Korea. The US is not among the countries that actively use tidal energy, though Alaska has perfect natural conditions for it.

Summing Up

Our everyday life is full of miracles, but we are so used to them that we take them for granted. Virtual assistants help us make appointments and buy tickets, social media, and advertisements adjust to our style and preferences. We become more efficient in caring for our planet with new, green energy technologies, and even reusable space rockets.

Just as we realize the importance of many ancient discoveries, we have to notice underrated, but still groundbreaking inventions of our times. And make use of them now!


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