8 Powerful Productivity Hacks for College Students

Hacks for College Students

For most high school students, college is fun. It is the start of the freedom you have always craved for, and you can presumably get away with anything.  However, nothing could be further from the truth. College is tough as you have to acclimatize to a new environment, syllabus, and lots of assignments, term papers, and in many cases, employment. Read the hacks for college students. In this blog, you will know 8 Powerful Productivity Hacks for College Students. For your assignments, you have to search for help from sources such as Mypaperwriter.com

In such a tight situation, your productivity at school and work can quickly take a hit.  You only have about 16 hours to take on all your responsibilities, and you have to maximize every minute. Productivity is not being busy/active but rather doing your duties efficiently. Many students struggle with productivity, and this leads to stress, poor performance, and other problems at school.  One useful technique that helps you finish your tasks and meet deadlines is by using a tomato timer that can also help improve your attention span and concentration.

This guide offers powerful productivity hacks for college students that you can use to ace your responsibilities in college. 

  1. Get Enough Sleep (7-8 hours)

Too much or too little sleep affects your productivity and can lead to health risks. Doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep for optimal performance during the day. In college, many students try to cram everything into their daily schedule, which spills over into the night.  

A recent sleep study revealed that people who enjoy enough sleep (7-8 hours) boast better cognitive performance during the day. While sacrificing sleep to complete your assignments might seem like a good idea, it ultimately affects everything else you do. 

2. Switch off the gadgets during studies 

Electronic gadgets are now ubiquitous, and students can’t do without them. From smartphones, game consoles, PCs to laptops, these devices are important in modern life. However, they affect productivity in a big way. 

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Americans are obsessed with their phones, and they check these devices 80 times a day, which is an unhealthy habit. For a student, such a habit affects productivity, and it is advisable to switch off all the devices when studying. This is a simple way to improve efficiency in your studies and boost the quality of work you do. 

3. Exercises

Physical exercises help relax both body and mind and make them alert. People who exercise in the morning are more productive as this activity spur neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells). It is the best motivation you can get to hit the gym before going to class. Working out also gives you an energy boost, which will come in handy when you want to complete tough tasks throughout the day

4. Take Naps 

Taking naps between tasks is a great way to reinvigorate your body and mind. This productivity hack has become so popular that there are now nap apps to remind people of when to snooze. After such a nap, you will feel reenergized, and it also helps you refocus on the task at hand. If you feel tired and can’t focus on your books, take a quick nap, and give your brain some rest. 

5. Create A Schedule  for your day  

Most students struggle throughout the day with multiple tasks and fail terribly at most. One of the main reasons for this is poor planning, and you can avoid this with a realistic schedule. It contains all the tasks you have to complete in a day, and it prepares you for the same. 

When writing the tasks, you should also make a point to identify the resources you need and everything else to help you complete the tasks successfully. For instance, if you have assignments to complete, make sure you identify where (study area), how (resources), and when (time) you will complete the task. It is a simple but highly effective technique for boosting efficiency in everything you do. 

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6. Take Effective Breaks 

Short breaks can turnaround your college life by making it easier to complete even the toughest tasks. Take a walk around the block, watch a short film, play your favorite video game, or do something else to distract you from the task at hand. 

When you come back to your studies, you will be more productive. There are many rules for working with breaks, and you should try out several to find which one works best for you. 

7. Find the Right Study Place 

Whenever you need to study, you should identify a suitable area away from your bed. If possible, find a quiet and serene study table in the library or any other room. The best study area should be clean and organized and devoid of any distractions. You will do more within a short time when in the right study area. 

8. Prioritize 

What matters most today? It is a question you should always answer before starting your day. Prioritizing can save you a lot of trouble. It entails listing everything you have to do and the time available and arranging them in order of priority. This is a smart strategy to do more important stuff effectively. 

Wrapping Up 

Are you struggling to handle all your responsibilities in college? If so, you are not alone. With these tips and hacks for college students, you can do more within the available time, and it all has to do with boosting productivity. Make sure you track your responsibilities, your time, and create a schedule to guide you. Keep fit every day to give your body and mind the energy to cope with the hassle of college.


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