8 Truck Driving Tips to Become a Better Driver

Truck Driving

Getting your CDL is not guaranteed to make you a good driver. Making a correct left turn is a lifetime skill, but there are many more lessons to learn. Discover eight recommendations from experienced trainers to help you drive more safely and get ahead in your career. 

1. Never Neglect Safety

Any thorough CDL course like https://truckschool.net/cdl-class-a-spokane/ has a strong focus on safety. It is the first priority for any truck driver. Drive defensively to prevent accidents, buckle up and always check the weather conditions before setting off on a trip. If the forecast is adverse, prepare your vehicle accordingly. Comply with all DOT regulations.

Take care of your health and prevent distractions. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Never use your mobile phone while driving and turn off the radio when traffic is heavy or the weather is bad.

2. Check after Parking

After parking the truck in a parking lot, turn around and inspect it. You may discover that your left blinker is ticking away because you bumped it or the lights are flashing. 

3. Be Aware of Your Trailer

Safe drivers do not let their vehicles leave the road or go outside of the line. Remember that a truck trailer can become a lethal weapon! You could injure or kill other people and end up in hospital yourself if you lose focus. 

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4. Inspect Thoroughly Before Every Trip

When a DOT officer asks about your pre-trip, they refer to much more than the last inspection date. Before hitting the road, you must check the lights, the pins, the tires, the fifth wheel, and the valve stem covers. Keep some extra lights and spare valve stem covers for all tires just in case. 

5. Use Tire Path to Park Better

Suppose you see another truck pull out from the parking lot. Focus on its tire path to take the spot. You will be surprised at how much your accuracy will improve! Remember to get out and look, too. 

6. Stay Focused

Before taking an exit to the truck stop, examine the signs to understand how to return to the highway. Not every exit leads in the right direction, and you should minimize out-of-route miles. Getting lost after taking a wrong turn is also possible! 

7. Don’t Swerve to Miss Animals

Unfortunately, swerving to avoid an animal may prove deadly. It puts your own life and the lives of other motorists in danger. All you can do is grip the steering wheel tight, slow down, and continue driving straight.

8. Ask for Help

Do not hesitate to ask other drivers for help if you really need it. Reach out to your employer in case of questions. Whatever happens on the road, you are alone not in this!


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