The loyalty of employees brings tangible dividends to the company. Loyal employees are ready to make an extra effort in their work, take on additional functions, work overtime (often even without extra pay), which is especially important in times of crisis. Let’s see 9 factors hiring a student: how to raise a loyal employee.

What is employee loyalty and how to manage it?

Loyal employees, who love the company and are devoted to their work are the dream of every manager.

The loyalty of an employee is a desire to comply with the rules and norms of behavior set in the company, loyalty to the interests and values of the company. More than half of loyal employees willingly help their colleagues to solve current tasks, which in general improves the quality of work. With a high level of staff loyalty, staff turnover is often low. But many managers believe that employees should already be loyal from being hired. However, this is not the case. To what extent do the life and business values of the employee coincide with the values of the company you can find out during an interview with a candidate using projective questions: What is a good team? What should a good manager be like? What is success? What is a good job? Why do you think some employees are willing to work overtime and others are not, and so on.

It’s also important to identify the candidate’s expectations and determine if the company can meet them. For example, sometimes, when you hire a student, he can be more thrilled with studying but not your company. It usually happens with part-time jobs. But no to all of them. Today student use different helpers, for example, essay writing service, which allow them to completely focus on their work. You can ask about that on an interview, if you’re not sure in their working abilities.

Most of the factors that affect loyalty are directly related to the intrinsic motivation of the person. That’s why during the recruitment you can use the diagnostic technique of work motivation, which allows you to get detailed information on how the candidates fit in with the specific working environment, how they will interact with other employees in the team. Even if during personnel search HR-expert chose candidates with the necessary potential of adherence to an employer, staff loyalty should be fostered during the adaptation period.

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What 9 factors contribute to fostering employee loyalty during the onboarding phase

Let’s take a look at those factors that especially affect the development of employee loyalty.

  1. Work environment.

It is a comfortable workplace and a comfortable team environment that can solve many of the problems associated with the stress that almost every new employee experiences. Therefore, the workplace must be already prepared and equipped with everything you need before the newcomer goes to work. Then the new employee will have the feeling that he was expected in the company, that his appearance is important.

  1. Acquaintance with company management.

Many companies have the practice of introducing the newcomer not only to the staff but also to the company management. Many employees are pleased to feel that they belong to those in a high position. Because they need to understand that they are not just another “cogs”, but have significant weight in the overall success of the company.

  1. Correct attitude to the personnel on the part of the management.

Practice shows that in companies where the management communicates with employees calmly, without shouting and abusive language, without insulting employees, and without humiliating them, the staff is more loyal than in companies where the employees constantly feel disrespected and incorrect attitude of the manager.

  1. Support from colleagues.

During the adaptation of a new employee, there are many different questions, both professional and organizational. Many companies practice a mentoring system. And it is the mentor who introduces me to the position, helps with the solution of various issues. An employee needs to know that there is a person to whom he can turn for advice and help. But also other employees of the department should help and support the newcomer.

  1. A close-knit, friendly team.

Various corporate events, which are an integral part of the company’s corporate culture, can contribute to this. Therefore, the HR service must continuously work on the development and maintenance of corporate culture.

  1. A sense of care on the part of the company.
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For example, the absence of unreasonable overtime, when employees have time for personal life. And also various compensation packages: health insurance, payment for fitness and lunches, New Year presents for employees’ children, reduced working hours on Fridays, etc. The newcomer pays attention to all these positive aspects and concludes how much the company cares about its employees, is interested in their needs and problems.

  1. Praise, recognition of the professionalism of the employee by the management.

The heads of departments need to notice the achievements of their employees and not forget to praise them, especially newcomers. Sometimes it is enough just to sincerely say thank you to an employee who has done an excellent job. A kind word spoken in time by the manager may well be much more important than any material reward. Of course, we should not forget that praise cannot be the only form of encouragement of employees.

  1. Confidence of the employer.

This feeling is not unimportant in the process of “raising” a loyal employee. When the company management makes it clear to an employee that their opinion as a professional is important to them, that they count on him, there are unlikely to be many employees who will not want to justify the trust given.

  1. Development Prospects.

When a new employee sees that the company employs professionals who have grown from lower positions to higher ones, he or she understands that the company has the opportunity for professional and career growth, which also contributes to the loyalty of employees. HR-service should conduct an assessment of staff satisfaction and loyalty. The higher the job satisfaction of employees, the more loyal they are to the company. Assessment results help company management and HR-service to understand if there are gaps and what they need to work on so that the staff’s loyalty was at a high level. And of course, when fostering the personnel’s loyalty it is worth remembering that only a loyal employer can count on the employees’ loyalty. Consider these factors for hiring a student and make him a loyal employee.


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