Chris Claremont Throws Shade at Fox’s X-Men Movies- What’s the reason behind this?


Chris Claremont is synonymous with classic X-Men comics during his decade-long run on Uncanny X-Men. As it seems, he is not too massive of an exponent of the X-Men franchise twentieth Century Fox has free since 2000.

During AN X-Men panel at the big apple Comic-Con wherever it absolutely was discovered Claremont was returning to Marvel to jot down AN all-new X-Men title nonetheless to be proclaimed the author threw a hefty quantity of shade at the X-Men movies.

“I want they’d gotten my films right,” Claremont aforementioned throughout the panel. The comment came when the Panellist mentioned, however, Stan Lee’s stories were tailored for the silver screen.

Chris Claremont Throws Shade at Fox's X-Men Movies- What's the reason behind this?
Chris Claremont Throws Shade at Fox’s X-Men Movies- What’s the reason behind this?

Claremont’s most up-to-date Marvel story was a brand new Mutants one-shot he wrote with Bill Sienkiewicz last month.

“The irony is that Bill’s and my 1st reaction after we got the invite was to right away raise a lot of pages,” Claremont told

“From my perspective as a writer, and from Bill’s perspective as an artist, we could have slammed this out of the park two or three different ways, but for me, if you have got a visible talent like Bill and a significant thought like the New Mutants, I might say you hit for the fences.”

“When you are operating with a visible creator as precocious and as outrageous as Bill is, it’s hard to pick a specific moment and say ‘That’s it,'” Claremont continued. “Because I will guarantee that future panel, the next page will come up with a moment that’s even more enticing but in a totally different direction.”

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The latest X-Men film which is Dark Phoenix was largely based on a Claremont story, was critically panned, only reaching a 23 percent Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The review aggregator’s Critics accord says the film “ends AN era of the X-Men franchise by taking a second stab at adapting a classic comics arc with deeply unsatisfactory results.”


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