A Detailed Guide To Ship An Inoperable Car in 2022 


Over the past years, many auto shipping companies have upgraded their shipping methods to offer seamless shipping services for inoperable vehicles. Shipping inoperable vehicles are more challenging than shipping other vehicles due to increased complexity and lack of car-accessible features. With the help of advanced technology and shipping tools, it can become more feasible to ship a car that is in a nonfunctional condition. 

Whether you are looking for ways to learn more about the inoperable car shipment process or plan to ship an inoperable vehicle, this article can be quite beneficial for you. 

So, without further ado, let us begin this article by understanding what defines a non-running car. 

What is a non-running car? 

A car that is not in a condition to drive safely is termed a non-running car. Structural issues, system failure, road accidents, breakdowns, and more are a few scenarios when a car becomes inoperable. If your car is not in running condition due to a lack of maintenance checks or minor mechanical failures, it can be treated easily with necessary repairs and replacement services. 

How to ship a non-running car? 

Here are the two popular ways to get your inoperable car shipped from one location to another. 

  1. Open auto transport 

In open auto transport services, your vehicle will be transported in an open trailer exposed to several road elements and weather conditions. The open auto transport service is one of the cheapest ways to ship a car to different locations. If you are planning to ship multiple cars at affordable rates, open auto transport services can be the perfect solution. 

  1. Enclosed auto transport 
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Another popular way to ship an inoperable vehicle is enclosed auto transport. In enclosed auto transport services, your car is transported in a closed container protected from outdoor elements and severe weather conditions. Compared to other methods, enclosed auto transport can be a more expensive option. 

Things to consider before shipping a car 

  1. Years of experience 

It might not be ideal to hand over your vehicles to shipping companies without years of experience in the industry. The shipping process involves the use of complex tools and shipping equipment that cannot be handled by amateur shipping companies. Look for auto shipping companies with maximum years of experience and a good reputation in the industry. 

  1. Get multiple shipping quotes 

Many customers don’t understand the importance of getting multiple shipping quotes before finalizing the services. Multiple shipping quotes can help you discover options suitable to your budget and avoid getting involved with fraudulent and deceptive service providers. 

  1. Ask relevant questions 

Another vital factor to consider before finalizing your services is to ask relevant questions related to services, customer care, and other variables involved in the process. You can consider asking questions about the years of experience, types of services offered, types of vehicles shipped in the past, and what you can expect from their services. 

  1. Consider your budget preferences 

Lastly, you should avoid getting involved with a service provider that charges more than the market rate or the amount you can afford. You should only hire services from shipping that offer high-tier services at affordable prices. 

Some shipping companies often charge extra or increase the overall shipping cost to transport an inoperable vehicle across the country. 

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