A Guide to Corporate Accommodation in London

Guide Corporate Accommodation London

Business travelers tend to have various options when searching for short- and long-term accommodation. Here is A Guide to Corporate Accommodation in London.

Although many opt to stay at luxurious London hotels, there’s another more convenient option: a better alternative than guest houses—corporate housing. 

The serviced apartments industry mainly relies on business travellers, which means the corporate houses are built with their needs in mind. 

Houses in this niche are built to cater to guests who place a lot of emphasis on flexibility and efficiency. 

Their hallmark characteristics, which have led to a surge in this industry, include:

  • Space and reliability
  • Privacy
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility 

Before we get deeper into corporate accommodation, learn how to find an apartment to rent in London short stay here

Corporate Accommodation: What Is It? 

As it’s commonly known, temporary housing refers to a standalone property or apartment block/flats. Since it’s tailored to the needs of short-term guests, it comes in varying shapes and sizes. 

Depending on their location, corporate housing properties can comprise studio apartments, one-bedroom flats, or have multiple bedrooms. 

A common feature in corporate houses is contemporary furnishings and kitchen facilities. Properties available today also include fitness and leisure facilities. 

Looking at it from a broad perspective, it’s safe to say that corporate accommodation is only found in areas where business occurs the most. 

An excellent example of this is London city, which is widely considered a major international business hub. As such, the existence of temporary housing is necessitated by the need to conduct business. 

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Therefore, you can expect to find corporate accommodation in any part of London where there are lots of business opportunities and engagements.

How Did Corporate Housing Come to Be? 

Corporate housing is an idea that was first conceived in the United States in the second half of the 1960s. The idea was to offer business travellers an alternative to staying at hotels.

Although hotels have retained their monopolistic control of specific industries, including business travel in some areas, temporary housing is slowly taking root in London.

People travelling on business have begun to see it as a more viable and practical solution to spending their time in cramped up hotel rooms. 

The industry is expected to snowball in the coming years. 

Benefits of Corporate Accommodation

Corporate housing has many benefits, but the primary one is affordability. The inclusion of kitchen facilities means travellers can prepare meals from the comfort of their apartments. 

It enables them to save on the expenses of dining in London restaurants. Visitors also get access to free laundry facilities, which are crucial for those who choose to pack light when travelling. 

Space is another critical benefit. Hotel rooms will at some point begin to look the same. With corporate housing, you have a space that feels like home, a place where you can relax at the end of the day and do whatever you wish. 


 Corporate housing has a lot to offer and is a better solution than staying at a guest house. You get more space to work and relax and access amenities that allow you to have a comfortable stay. It’s like a home away from home!

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