A guide to the emerging field of fashion management

fashion management

The business of fashion is transforming rapidly. The focus is shifting towards newer technology, environmental causes, digital dominance, and more. This is where you need the requisite skills to respond to such new realities in the fashion industry, and a course in fashion management from a leading design academy can help you with that.

What is it?

This is a question that plagues the minds of many who aspire to enter this industry. Fashion business management, or simply fashion management, combines the in-depth study and understanding of supply chains, retail operations, consumer behaviour, brand promotion, and market trends. It is the know-how that runs the businesses of fashion designers and brands.


Today, several colleges offer design courses in fashion management that provide you with the relevant skills, expertise, and knowledge for the many challenges of this multi-skilled career. You may opt for a three-year undergraduate course or a two-year post-graduate one. Each eligibility criteria are essential, so refer to the institute’s website before applying. The following are some things that you might learn in the course:

  • Commercial and management aspects of a brand and its close relationship with its vision
  • Building brand image
  • Fashion forecasting
  • Apparel quality management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Customer relationship management

A practical course from a reputed design college in India prepares you for professional practice, helps you brush up on your entrepreneurial skills and fully equips you with a skill set that allows you to take a confident leap into the fashion world.

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Perks of the courses

A fashion management course does not just instill professional knowledge. They also have several exciting perks that accelerate your career trajectory and make learning more exciting. Fascinating bits of an industry-related course may include:

  • Hands-on experience that imparts practical experience in your chosen stream of interest. This helps you get insider knowledge of the fashion industry.
  • A glimpse of organisational set-ups, etc.

Career opportunities

The fashion industry is constantly changing and growing by leaps and bounds. Today, a prominent job creator and a person equipped with the professional know-how of fashion management have several career opportunities to choose from. Some popular jobs that the fashion management courses open doors to:

  • Fashion product manager
  • Fashion brand manager
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Fashion journalist
  • Buyer or sourcing agent in buying houses
  • Export merchandiser
  • Fashion digital and social media marketers
  • Retail merchandiser

There are other relevant roles too that you can pursue. You can use your fashion management skills and business acumen to set up your venture or consult other businesses and organisations. Today, the demand for fashion e-commerce managers is also high. Hence, there are careers to choose from in this domain.


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