A Journey of Bitcoins as “Digital Gold” in Virtual World 

    A Journey of Bitcoins as “Digital Gold” in Virtual World 
    A Journey of Bitcoins as “Digital Gold” in Virtual World 


    Many are aware of the term “digital gold” as bitcoins are also “digital gold”. The term “digital gold” gives an oversimplified definition of the term bitcoin. This will also help one to understand the critical properties of bitcoins which gives value to the bitcoins.

     Many have failed to understand the idea of bitcoin while some understand this so well that they are ready to take up any risk and they keep bitcoins for a longer-term. The expert bitcoiners believe that in the long term each of the bitcoins will value increasingly and surprisingly more than expected. 

    People of countries who face regular trouble and issue with income and money they turn up to the bitcoin facility in the market. But in the literal sense, there is no comparison between gold and bitcoins but the value of bitcoin is equal to that of gold. 

    Bitcoin is a Digital Replacement of Gold 

    Before we proceed with the fact that gold has been replaced by bitcoins it is important to understand what is bitcoin? 

    As we have already told earlier, we would just remind you that bitcoin is a digital currency that is used in the virtual world. But now we will try to understand how bitcoin has replaced gold in the digital world. 

    In 2019 a new bitcoin campaign was held by Greyscale Investment firm known as “Drop Gold”. As the name of the campaign already suggests that it encourages new and old investors to drop the idea of investing in gold. Now it is the time to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which will be more beneficial then investment in gold. There are some similarities between gold and bitcoins, let us tell you how, 

    • Gold and bitcoin both are scarce out in the market 
    • Both of them are decentralized in comparison to all other assets
    • Bitcoin possess all the best quality of being good money which is required in the digital market. The plus point about bitcoin is that it can be sent to anyone and anywhere across the world electronically. 
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    In case, of a bitcoin user, the ownership of the bitcoin owner is verified through the blockchain system. The advantages of bitcoin is a little more than just a gold item, bitcoins are “digital gold”. Bitcoins are evolved digital gold and they will do a better job than gold any time in the future. 

    How Does Gold and Bitcoin Work? 

    Obviously, there would be many people who do not know how gold and bitcoin are correlated for then bitcoin being digital gold would not make any sense. Here we bring to you about Vaultoro, which is an online cryptocurrency exchanging platform that is backed by asset gold in the Swiss Vault. This allowed traders to trade bitcoin in exchange for gold and gold for bitcoins. Some have discovered that because of the Swiss Vault and the trading of bitcoins in exchange for gold has made experts name bitcoins as “digital gold”. 

    According to some gold is an excellent way to hedge the crypto price risk, hence both gold and bitcoins work perfectly well together. Investors have claimed that very rare metals and numbers partner so well. 


    Vaultoro still ignores the fact that only gold can balance bitcoin and there is the requirement of gold when there is a new bitcoin. They believe that bitcoin has already replaced gold from the financial circle. Bitcoin is considered as digital gold because the technology behind the technique of bitcoin can be used to create a digital version of the real asset gold. But above everything, one thing is clear that there will be a long correlation between gold and bitcoin. 

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