A Look at the Real Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Family Day

Corporate Family Day

When we think about it, there are lots of things we can do to celebrate a corporate family day – we can have several rides and side stalls at a carnival or funfair, or we can have a picnic day where families can enjoy outdoor games and food such as ice cream and burgers. No matter how you celebrate it, what’s important is to give your employees a day to themselves and their families, let them have fun and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. But why are corporate family days crucial to your employee wellness and the company? Why hold one in the first place? Let’s look at the real benefits of hosting a corporate family day.

  • It makes your employees stay longer

Let’s admit – employee retention can be a real issue if you don’t take care of your employees. But when you show them that you respect their opinions and value their wellness, it goes a long way. One way to do this is simply by treating them to a corporate family day – a whole day dedicated to them and their families, so they can all relax and have some fun. But a family day is not just for the families per se – it is also for colleagues, and it gives them a chance to get to know the people they are working with, in a different setting – and on a different level. For instance, everyone can enjoy the rides and attractions offered by a provider like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/, and people can participate in the games and stalls and have a good time with their families and colleagues. This way, as they discover the same interests and passions, you can foster employee retention and make people stay longer.

  • It shows them you care
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Another obvious benefit to having a corporate family day is that it shows everyone that you care about their welfare and well-being. First, it lets them know you appreciate all they do for the company and showcases your commitment to them. Corporate family days are not just for a good year for the company – even on a not-so-great year, you can show everyone that you will stay with them and everyone will stick together no matter what. Doing this says a lot about you as a company, even more so.

  • It encourages a balanced life

Everyone works doubly hard nowadays, and because we are so busy, our personal lives suffer. Employees find it difficult to spend time with their loved ones – but you are encouraging a healthy balance between work and personal life by having a corporate family day. You are essentially demonstrating that it is possible, after all, to work hard and spend quality time with the family.

A corporate family day is supposed to be a day for the employees, to allow them to let their hair down once in a while. But it also matters what you do on the day itself, so one good idea is to have fun outdoors and enjoy a few rides and game stalls – and it’s perfect because it’s for all ages!


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