A new video for “Family and Loyalty” Released by Gang Starr and J. Cole


The track premiered regarding the period of time agone, marking the duo’s 1st single since 2003, and since MC Guru’s death.

“Everything is incredibly emotional and raw, as a result of [Guru’s] not here, however, his spirit is here,” Gang Richard Starkey member DJ Premier aforementioned regarding the visual, that was shot by pleasing five Freddy in Harlem and Cole’s native Fayetteville, NC.

“We shot the primary 1/2 this video on Cole’s turf and that we had an awfully restricted window in the North geographic area. Fab five Freddy referred to as Pine Tree State and he was extremely disturbed he wouldn’t be ready to fly in from NY because of cyclone Dorian. I told Freddy that Guru was piloting the flight and he would get him here safely and on time, and he did.”

A new video for “Family and Loyalty” Released by Gang Starr and J. Cole
A new video for “Family and Loyalty” Released by Gang Starr and J. Cole

Though the video arrives over 9 years when Guru died, it includes recent footage and photos of the legendary megacycle likewise as an anaglyph by his 19-year-old son Keith Casim.

“[Casim] created Pine Tree State want Guru was there with Pine Tree State,” Premier aforementioned. He went on to feature, “It was really important to me to have Guru’s son be a major focus of the video.

Keith is commencing to extremely understand the inheritance his father left behind and therefore the whole team is sharing such a big amount of stories with him.

We are honest with him, what quantity fun Guru and that I had, the unhealthy times, we have a tendency to don’t seem to be sugarcoating anything; we wish him to understand his Father Cole sounds right at home as well, bridging the OG sound with his newfound flow, riding over the instrumental in a way that isn’t overcrowding to the pair’s atmosphere — he melds perfectly alongside them.

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The track is currently out in select international markets, but as midnight strikes on the East Coast, it will be available globally. You can stream Gang Starr’s latest single featuring J. Cole, “Family and Loyalty.”


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