A New way to study about the brain linking to postpartum depression


Chronic depression following pregnancy is not a myth. It is as true as the light of day. After pregnancy, the body triggers a response to the brain which has the potential to change the brain function in a way that can cause postpartum depression.

Sounds interesting right? Let’s dig deep to know more.

This particular study is the first of many which were successful in showing the effect of stress response to the brain.

A New way to study about the brain linking to postpartum depression
A new way to study the brain linking to postpartum depression

This was quite unexpected and particularly interesting since the immune system of both the brain and body is suppressed during pregnancy.

The study was undertaken by Ohio State University researchers who have been experimenting for several years. They noted the brain biology of pregnant rats who went right into chronic depression following pregnancy.

After years of research, they have finally accorded the fact that chronic stress during pregnancy can, in fact, lead to postpartum depression which often makes an individual sad, anxious and exhausted.

Stress can lead to inflammation. On the other hand, inflammation paves the way for an immune response against the harmful effect of the former.

After unearthing the recent truth about the brain’s susceptibility to stress, the researchers are convinced that pregnancy surely does pull one in a lul of postpartum depression.

However, on the contrary, for the unstressed rats, the suspension of the immune system in the body and the brain did not create any issues. But many stressed rats showed the sign of neuroinflammation.

The study also went on to highlight that the stressed rat’s immune response for the rest of the body was not active. This evidence clearly shows that there is a difference between what goes in the immune response is not the same throughout the body.

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Through this study, it is possible to understand the pins and holes of pregnancy. Indeed it is one of the toughest situations for women, but in the light of this new study, it just got greatly difficult and risky.






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