A New wind to Philippine ballroom band “Supertyphoon Hagibis”.

A New wind to Philippine ballroom band
A New wind to Philippine ballroom band "Supertyphoon Hagibis".

For a four-decade-old Philippine ballroom band, the somebody super hurricane bearing down on Japan has brought an unexpected rush of interest in its masculine act.

“Hagibis is obtaining indirect packaging worldwide,” same 61-year-old Jose Parsons Nabiula, WHO goes by his pseudonym lad Parsons and has been with the band since the beginning. “It reminded everyone of my group’s existence. Some folks square measure creating fun of it, some folks square measure terribly serious.”

Typhoon Hagibis is because of creating landfall on Japan’s main island of the island on Sat because the most powerful storm to hit the capital in six decades. Google Trends showed that search interest had spiked in the week in Hagibis the band similarly because of the hurricane.

A New wind to Philippine ballroom band "Supertyphoon Hagibis".
A New wind to Philippine ballroom band “Supertyphoon Hagibis”.

Hagibis suggests that speed and strength within the Philippine language Tagalog. Tropical cyclones within the Western Pacific Ocean square measure given their identity in sequence supported names provided by fourteen regional countries.

People had been humourous regarding the vigor of hurricane Hagibis and comparison that to the band, Parsons same. Parsons same he hoped the inquiries and feelers running certain Hagibis would translate into bookings for a band that presently performs around doubly during a month within the Manila space.

A former official, he currently conjointly juggles his performances with film making and construction business. “Maybe once a month or 2 I will be able to expect loads of concert offers,” Parsons same. hurricane Hagibis appearance on the right track to hit Japan a month once another damaging hurricane and Parsons same he was distressed regarding the injury.

“I hope that Hagibis storm’s show happens within the middle of the ocean,” Parsons same. “Definitely, folks can absorb the wrath of hurricane Hagibis and that I feel dangerous regarding it.”

Hagibis is best celebrated for its members’ masculine image and songs extolling the sweetness of girls. The group’s hit songs embody “Katawan” (Body), “Legs” and “Babe. whereas the storm didn’t enter the Philippine territory, its extension brought scattered rain showers and thunderstorms in central and southern components of the Southeast country.

Hagibis had used its revived fame to warn Filipinos in Japan previous the storm’s landfall, Parsons same. He hoped the band would get the possibility to travel to Japan once the hurricane.

“We can undo the sorrow and depression folks expertise,” Parsons same. “If the singing cluster can have an opportunity to travel to Japan, we are going to assist you to forget the hurricane.”


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