A post quentin world -‘the magicians’ season 5 primere, And more A post quentin world -‘the magicians’ season 5 primere, And more


Late last year, The Magicians were heavy enough to withstand the premiere of Season 5. Last season ended with the death of Quentin. Especially with regard to the relationship between Quentin and Elliott, it was a split decision. And now, Season 5 has to prove it’s worth it. On Wednesday night, the premiere of “Do Something Crazy” will take place in about a month. Because now the world is plagued by powerful “magic waves” killing sorcerers. Or, as New Calm Dean Fogg says, “too much damn magic.”

A post quentin world -'the magicians' season 5 premiere, And more
A post Quentin world -‘the magicians’ season 5 premiere, And more

A positive aspect of Quentin’s death is that it allows the series to spend more time with others, especially underutilized Julia. Julia not only knew Quentin since childhood but could be more difficult as Quentin’s death gave her magic again. “I only have magic because I lost Q,” he tells Penny (after a promise!). “You have to find something worthwhile.”

One answer could be the form of a literal genderism pig who visits Quentin from Factory. The pig creature is on a “greatly important task” and Quentin explains from the apocalypse that it needs to save the world. (All the usual things of a magician, to be honest). Julia offers to do the search herself. After all, she was once a goddess. However, Fillory pigs are women and will not accept your help. Fortunately, in a subsequent conversation with Penny, Julia realized she could choose her own search and decided to stop the apocalypse.

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