A Quick Guide to Designing Your Own Coin


Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a commemorative coin? It’s an excellent idea for a specific event, achievement, or collaboration. Or perhaps you’re looking to create a unique gift for a loved one that’ll be quite unlike anything they’ve ever received. Either way, seeing it immortalized on your own coin is special. 

Designing a custom coin has never been easier, but here’s a quick guide to walk you through the various stages.  


The best place to start is probably also the most obvious: What do you want your custom coins to represent? The sky’s the limit when it comes to the imagination. 

Still, most people choose to create their coin for a particular purpose, for example, to commemorate service in the armed forces, to celebrate personal or professional milestones, and even as great gifts to hand out to your guests at a wedding.   


Now that you know why you want the coin, we have come to the exciting part of designing it. Coins are incredibly customizable, and you’ll have complete control over the color, finish, size, borders, edges, and even the kind of enamel used. 

You’ll also need to think carefully about what images or text you want on your coin and how best to showcase its meaning and purpose. 

We recommend taking your time when designing and trying to keep things as simple as possible. The best coins don’t come crowded with lots of information. They are typically simple, elegant, and straight to the point. 

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Numbers & Upgrades

Next up, you’ll need to think about how many coins you wish to purchase, as well as upgrades and how you’ll want them packaged. Most people design their coins to commemorate a collaborative venture, whether a period in the armed forces or a wedding. Before placing your final order, you’ll need to be sure how many coins you wish to create, with prices generally lower the more coins you order. 

At this stage, you’ll also need to consider potential upgrades, such as a spinning centerpiece or a dual-use bottle opener. These aren’t necessarily for everybody, so if you want to keep it classic, that’s fine! 

Lastly, think about how you want the coin packaged, which means how you’ll present it to whoever is receiving them. Coins can be in their own custom-made acrylic coin capsules, PVC envelopes, or velvet boxes or bags. 

Final Checks 

We can’t stress this enough—that final check on your coin before the design goes to production is imperative. Take the time to carefully examine the design and ensure that everything you requested meets your standards. If something’s amiss, it could mean a lot of incorrect coins with nowhere to go. 


Creating a customized coin is a great way to immortalize a specific event and something you, or the person or people you are giving it to, will cherish. We tend to see a lot of soulless gifts these days, so why not buck that trend and get started on your own coin?   


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