A Quiet Place Part 2′ secret trailer is as of now too spine-chilling


A Quiet Place is coming back to people! John Krasinski’s chilling horror film is here with yet another sequel- A Quiet Place: Part II. The best part is that the movie is keeping with the theme. That means, all the operations related to the movie are happening nearly undetected.

Even when it comes to the teaser trailer, it’s not available online or anywhere else. If you want to see it, you have to go to the cinema hall to catch a glimpse of the same. However, it is not just available in any movie theatre! If you have to see it, you have to check out the movie Sophia Takal’s remake Black Christmas. The trailer of A Quiet Place shows before the movie.

But yeah, there are many lazy bones out there who will not like to make that sort of a trek. For such people, Paramount Pictures has a new form of the movie. The image has a big takeaway which fans all over the world had been debating since the rumor of the movie got out. We are talking about the setting of the movie.

 A Quiet Place Part 2' secret trailer is as of now too spine-chilling
A Quiet Place Part 2′ secret trailer is as of now too spine-chilling

Fans had been beating their heads over the question will the sequel begin from the ending point of the previous movie or will it show that some amount of time has passed?

Now that fans know that there will be no jumping point in the movie. The picture shows Evelyn Abbott still holding on to her newborn baby. So the Quiet Place Part 2 will take off from right where it ended in the first place.

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Only a few details about the sequel plot has come to light. For instance, it has been established that Cillian Murphy ( Dunkirk) and Djimon Hounsou (Guardians of the Galaxy) will join the movie as a few survivors of the Abbott family!

Pumped, are you? Well, we all are!


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