A Second Outbreak of Coronavirus in South Korea

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South Korea had controlled the contamination of the COVID-19 virus with remarkable efforts. However, there are now new numbers of coronavirus victims pouring in from the country again.

Jung Eun-Kyeong made an announcement which informed that the initial surge of coronavirus continued and almost ended in the month of  April itself. He is the chief of KCDC(Korea Centers for Disease Control). But the times have again gotten for the country.

The capital of South Korea, Seoul has seen a resurgence of coronavirus yet again. There are few nightclubs in the capital where the second wave of the virus is spreading. Every day there are new cases, and they seem to be doubling like it was during the early times.

The coronavirus cases had reduced between April and May in South Korea. Authorities have reported the number of infections had come down to 0 from about 1000 infected patients in just consecutive 3 days.

South Korean authorities declared that the virus was spreading especially in factories, storehouses  and offices where people were gathering in large numbers. There were seventeen new coronavirus cases from those areas a lot in just one day.

According to Dr. Jeong, the last outbreak of coronavirus in South Korea indicated that this pandemic would now go on for some time more. This is her view after the new numbers of infected patients had poured in. However, CDC Korea claimed that the initial danger with the outbreak of coronavirus in South Korea had not really finished.

Resurgence in Seoul

As per the claims of Dr. Jeong, the second outbreak hit South Korea in May. The capital of the country Seoul had seen the start of the new cases of coronavirus, especially on the last weekend. There were more cases in Seoul among newfound cases as there were holidays there at the end of the week.

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Seoul’s southern part, Daejeon’s authorities had closed museums, libraries to avoid crowds. There were several new coronavirus infections in those clusters. The officials said on Monday that they would levy strict rules over public gatherings due to this second wave.

The capital would return to a high degree of lockdown as Seoul’s mayor informed the city’s population. The hospital would be seeing a seventy percent increase in their admission of coronavirus patients if the cases go on average above thirty cases in the upcoming three days.

There are very few countries like South Korea which have tackled the resurgence of coronavirus. The country has explored discretionary social distancing and believed shutting down the whole country is not the right option. The authorities have also done rigorous testing of coronavirus among their people. Thus, the fight continues to trace and monitor the second outbreak of this pandemic.

Death-toll of South Korea reaches 282 in total. The health officials traced the first infection on January 20, 2020. The total Infected patients reach over twelve thousand. But the current number of victims due to coronavirus is 1,2563 in South Korea.


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