Here’s What to Know About Creating a WordPress Website

WordPress Website

If you want to build a new website, one of the best platforms to use is WordPress. WordPress is a powerful, yet flexible content management system that powers more than 30% of the websites on the internet, making it the choice platform for most types of web-based applications. However, creating a WordPress website design can be daunting for first-timers.

Fortunately, creating a WordPress website is very easy to understand and with just a few pointers, you will find yourself creating a really impressive website in no time. Plus, you can customize your site to suit your goals and requirements.

This article will quickly explain all you need to know about WordPress and all you need to know when you are creating a WordPress website.

Get a Domain Name

The first step in creating a WordPress website is to buy a domain name. This is what people will use to locate your website on the internet. For example, our domain name is

Buying a domain name is very easy. Just look for a domain name registrar to signup with, then search for the domain name of your choice. A good domain name should be relevant to your website or business, easy to remember and as short as you can make it.

When it comes to domain name extension, COM is the most popular. If it is available for your preferred name, then, by all means, use it. If it is not, you can then consider other options.

Choose A Hosting Package

Choosing the right web hosting provider as well as the right web hosting package is very important to the success of your website. Get it wrong and your online business will suffer. A web hosting provider should support you and never restrict you. For example, there are hosting plans that only allow a single domain name on an account, which will make it impossible for you to have multiple websites on the same account.

When considering web hosting, consider the following factors:

  •         Support for WordPress
  •         Number of domains you can use
  •         Storage space and bandwidth
  •         Uptime guarantee
  •         Customer and technical support
  •         Positive reviews by other users

Some of the best recommendations you will get on web hosting providers will likely come from your friends and people who are using the hosting company. However, when it comes to hosting a WordPress website, BlueHost, HostGator, DiscountDomains, Freeparking WordPress hosting as well as dozens of other reliable providers are available to be chosen from.

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The WordPress Installation

The process of installing WordPress on your new hosting account may also be a factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting company, depending on your experience and willingness to “dirty your hands”. Many hosting companies now provide a one-click installer that can be managed via the control panel. This process simply involves providing a few information such as the name of your website and creating a login. The server then handles the rest – creating a database for your website and installing the core files.

There are people, however, who prefer to do a manual WordPress installation. This requires you to download the WordPress package from, create a database for your WordPress site and upload the relevant files via FTP.

Even though the one-click installer is easy and fast, you will not get the same level of control as you would with a manual installation.

Install a WordPress theme

WordPress themes decide what your site will look like to visitors. Themes make it easy to change the look and feel of your website without having to start from scratch. Once you exchange your old theme for a new one, your website is completely transformed.

There are a number of marketplaces for WordPress themes containing thousands to select from. These themes usually cost between $30 to $60, and when choosing a theme from here, it is always best to look for the one with the highest ratings. You can also choose to use any of the free themes from the WordPress theme repository located at

After buying a theme, simply go to WordPress theme settings and upload your new theme. You will find Theme Settings under Appearance in the sidebar menu. Click on Add New, then Upload Theme to get to where you can upload your new theme. You can then successfully preview your new design. You can proceed with customization and preview as you go.

Start Creating Content

WordPress content can be divided into two types: Pages and Posts, although there are themes and plugins that add more functions. Both pages and posts use the same user-friendly editor and you will find that creating your first content is simple enough. Remember to also add a contact page so that your visitors can get in touch with you.

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All these may appear technical, but the truth is that you can easily create your first few pages and posts in a few hours. However, if you feel

This may seem like a lot of work, but you can get through the first few steps and on to creating content in a matter of hours. However, if you’re still overwhelmed, you are not alone. This is why one of the best choices you should make when planning a new website is choosing a reliable WordPress host.

Most web hosting providers can provide assistance if you are finding it hard to navigate the WordPress setup process including creating a homepage, pages and posts. You can also google how to create your WordPress website content for tips from people who have done so successfully.

Install Plugins

Installing plugins help you extend the functionality of your WordPress website, installing features that are not available out of the box. Just like with WordPress themes, you will find free plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. However, you can purchase third-party plugins, some of which cost between 40 to 200 dollars.

There are more than 50,000 plugins available for WordPress. This is more than enough functionality that you could ever need. But not all plugins are the same, so be sure to only install what you actually need for your website.

Set Up a Backup System

Finally, you should always create a WordPress backup system for your website. Just like an insurance policy, backups are needed to keep your website safe. Should something go wrong, you can easily get your website back.

There are tons of reliable free and paid backup plugins for WordPress and you can set one up on your website in minutes. Also, make sure that your backup is scheduled to run automatically and saved somewhere on the cloud. This way, should your host encounter problems, you can always recover your site from the cloud storage.


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