Adobe’s Newly Launched App Introduces Photoshop to Phone Cameras


Adobe has announced a new mobile app called Photoshop Camera, which “brings Photoshop magic directly to the point of capture”. It’s an AI-powered camera that helps people shoot and share imaginative, high-quality photos.

Powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, Photoshop Camera both enhance photo quality as well as puts a library of lenses and effects at your fingertips.

When shooting a photo with Photoshop Camera, the app instantly recognizes the subject of your photo and gives you recommendations.

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It will automatically apply features at the moment of capture based on what you’re shooting (e.g. portraits, landscapes, food, selfies) while retaining an original version of your photo as well.

Adobe's Newly Launched App Introduces Photoshop to Phone Cameras
Adobe’s Newly Launched App Introduces Photoshop to Phone Cameras

The app also works to automatically improve the technical aspects of your photos — things like dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, and faces.

There will be a curated collection of lenses created by a community of well-known artists and influencers. American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is one of the initial contributors, working with Adobe to create a limited-edition line of lenses inspired by her songs and music videos.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad is also available to download for all Creative Cloud customers who subscribe to Photoshop. Or you can even purchase it through the Apple App Store.

Adobe even previewed a new Photoshop Camera mobile app that promises to bring Photoshop functionality.

The Photoshop Camera app will use Adobe’s Sensei AI technology to auto-enhance images and also apply different effects.

Adobe has also announced a series of new interactive, in-app tutorials on its desktop Lightroom app. The new Lightroom tutorials will guide users through the process of how to edit photos to get specific effects.

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Adobe has announced a new Auto Reframe tool for its video editing software. Auto Reframe will also use Adobe Sensei to analyze your footage and apply panning and cropping to keep the action centered in the frame.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is available now as a preview for iOS and Android, and the general availability launch is scheduled for sometime in 2020.


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