AFK Arena Top Heroes 2021 Can I play AFK Arena on PC?

AFK Arena

Overview of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a famous role-playing action game published by Lilith Games.  It is a mission-based game, and it has multiple heroes. The players have to build a team at the start of the game. It has many interesting missions and rewards.  You can play AFK Arena on both iOS and Android devices. The players can also download AFK Arena on PC by using an android emulator.

AFK Arena Top Heroes 2021

There is a great importance of heroes in AFK Arena because, in this game, you have to build a team of heroes before starting the match. Your overall performance in the match depends upon your team. There are multiple heroes in this game arranged in different tiers. The abilities and skills of heroes are different from each other. Some are supportive, and some are attacking heroes. So at the start of your match, you need to make a team of powerful heroes to win the match and become champion in the game. AFK Arena developers regularly add new champions to the game. The players must understand the skills and abilities of heroes. This article will discuss the top heroes of AFK Arena in 2021. When you add these heroes to your team, you will win the match. 


Lucius is a powerful hero of AFK Arena. It has both support and tank skills. It can protect the allies with a divine shield. This hero is also famous for his supportive abilities. It heals the allies and also increases their HP.  It can increase its self-defense. This hero has a special ability named divine strike. By using this ability, Lucius can deal with AoE damages.



Brutus is another powerful hero of this game. It has strong tank abilities, and it can deal with massive damage. It is a front-line hero, and it can protect itself from damage by making a personal shield. So it can stay on the front line for a long time. So put Brutus in your team as the front-line hero. 


Saveas is a popular supportive hero of AFK Arena. It also has some attacking abilities and leaves great damage on enemies. We can say that it is Sacrificing because it sacrifices its HP to its team members.  It works better when you put it in your team in the back row.  It supports your team from the back.  

Saveas  AFK Arena


Shemira is a strong DPS hero of AFK Arena. It causes damage to its enemies. It has abilities to finish the whole team of enemies in a little time. It can hit the whole enemy team at once and cause great damage to them.  It also has the skills to reduce enemy damage. 



Nemora is known as the powerful healer hero of this game. Nemora has strong healing abilities. It helps its allies by healing them in combat. In this way it increases the HP of allies.  It also has a unique ability named Beguile, which launches enemies’ attacks back on enemies. This hero does not possess harmful abilities. 


Vedon is also a DPS hero, and it belongs to the A-tier of AFK Arena. It has strong tank abilities, and it best to use in both the middle and initial of the game. It can heal itself, and it also leaves massive damage on enemies. It also has powerful surviving abilities. The Vedan can survive more in the game.


Athalia is a very popular and powerful hero of S-tier.  It has strong damaging abilities. It has such a strong skill that it can destroy the whole team of enemies. It also has protective skills to reduce the damage of enemies. It paralyzes the enemies through its powerful damage abilities. We suggest you add this hero to your team for better combat results. 

Athalia  AFK Arena

How to download and Play AFK Arena on PC?

PC gaming is now the top trend in the gaming industry after the introduction of  large-size games in the gaming industry. AFK Arena is also a popular game, and it is liked throughout the world. Some people play this game on smartphones, but most people want to play this game on their PC because it has large in size and engages a huge space in the smartphone. To avoid this problem, PC gaming is the best option. Some people do not know how to play this game on PC, so we explain it below. The PC game lovers can easily play this game on their PC with the help of Android emulators. Multiple Android emulators are available for this purpose, but the fastest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

As the gaming industry progresses, people are shifted from physical games to online gaming. Considering the trend of the people’s, the IT expert developed Android emulators for those who want to play games on PC. LDPlayer is one of these Android emulators. LDPlayer has very lightweight; therefore, it is faster than other Android emulators. It has high-quality 3D graphics to entertain its users. It also has an updated version, and it is compatible with all Android versions. In this Android emulator, you can easily control the game with the help of external gamepads.


How to download LDPlayer on PC?

We know that we need to install the software before using them. Therefore you must need to download LDPlayer, if you want to use this Android emulator. It can be easily downloaded by anyone because there are few simple steps to download this software.

  1. Visit the official website of the LDPlayer Android emulator.
  2. Tap on the emulator, and you will see a download option.
  3. Click on this option to download it.
  4. After downloading, you have to install it on your PC or Laptop.
  5. Installation process takes a little time and after this, open the emulator.
  6. Finally, visit LDstore and download your desired games.

How to download LDPlayer on PC?


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