After We Collided | The Release of romantic drama on Netflix is around the corner | Here are the details!

after we collided
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Netflix has been one of the best buddies of its viewers during this quarantine period. Another gem of Netflix is ready to save you a romantic home-theatre evening with your beloved one. After We Collided, the upcoming romantic drama is coming soon on Netflix, and viewers are eager to know the details to build up the mood.

After we collided release date
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Written by Anna Todd and Mario Celaya, After We Collided has officially been released on 23rd October 2020. Surprised? However, many viewers did not get a chance to catch up with this most-awaited drama on the big screen due to COVID-19 widespread. Therefore, Netflix is bringing you the treat of romance this Christmas season. Are you ready for some keen details? Let’s take a view:

What is the After We Collided release date on Netflix? 

To begin with, After We Collided is a sequel drama of the film “After,” which was released in 2019. For the most part, “After” was based on an adult fiction series written by Anna Todd. The initial film grasped the real-time attention of viewers who love to indulge in erotica films and emotionally flooded plots. It checked every box. Now, After We Collided is the second installment of the film based on Anna Todd’s After. In European countries, the movie had hit the box office on 2nd September 2020. Later, on 23rd October 2020, the film was released in America by Open Road Films production. 

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Now, After we collided, the release date for Netflix has been set to be 1st December 2020. Thus, get ready! Because an emotional flood is coming your way with another romantic ending that will soothe your heart with warmth and much more love for your loved ones. Who’s in the film? Well! We know it. Look below!

Who are all in the cast of After We Collided? 

  • Josephine Langford (Role: Tessa Young)
  • John Jackson Hunter (Role: young Hardin Scott)
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Role: Hardin Scott)
  • Louise Lombard (Role: Trish Daniels)
  • Candice King (Role: Kimberly)
  • Dylan Sprouse (Role: Trevor Matthews)
  • Charlie Weber (Role: Christian Vance)
  • Selma Blair (Role: Carol Young)
  • Max Ragone (Role: Smith Vance)
  • Shane Paul McGhie (Role: Landon Gibson)
  • Karimah Westbrook (Role: Karen Scott)
  • Rob Estes (Role: Ken Scott)
  • Samuel Larsen (Role: Zed Evans)
  • Pia Mia (Role: Tristan)
  • Khadijah Red Thunder (Role: Steph Jones)
  • Inanna Sarkis (Role: Molly Samuels)
  • Ariel Yasmine (Role: Jamie)
  • Dylan Arnold (Role: Noah Porter)
  • Stefan Rollins (Role: Richard Young)

About the Plot of After We Collided

Tessa Young and Hardin Scott had broken up. Tessa starts a new job at Vance Publishing. Both Hardin and Tessa make efforts to start their lives afresh and apart. However, upon finding out about her mother, Carol, Tessa gets angry and emotional. Hence she reunites with Hardin. One thing leads to another, and Hardin ends up having sex with Tessa. This kickstarted emotional chaos between the two. Later at Hardin’s party, he gets to know that Tessa is moving to Seattle for a job. Due to an interconnected misunderstanding at the new years’ party, Tessa ends up kissing a stranger. So, will these two be together at last? 

Watch After We Collided only on Netflix.

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Check out the After We Collided Official Trailer and feel the heat: 

About the Plot of After

As mentioned before, After is the initial part of the film, After We Collided. Directed by Jenny Gaga, After followed the storyline of Tessa and Hardin who got off to a rough start. Tessa and Noah were in a long-running relationship. However, Tessa and Hardin being attracted to each other sexually ends up the relationship between Tessa and Noah. Things get complicated. But luckily, Hardin and Tessa find their way to be together. To see how? Watch the film today! Till then, good luck and keep your Christmas spirit alive with another treat of romance on Netflix. 


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