Al pacino feeling great over oscar nod

Al pacino feeling great over oscar nod
Al pacino feeling great over oscar nod

Al Pacino is one of the most popular actors. Recently he achieves the Oscar award. Al Pacino feeling great after getting this award. He shares his feeling on the media. The media published in a recent new article that Al Pacino feeling heavenly after getting the award.

He gets the best supporting actor’s award at his 79-year old. He shares his thought to a channel that he nominated after a long time for this award and after nomination he became overwhelming.

He wants to celebrate that moment. He also said that this achievement does not represent his hard work it is the representation of the hard work of the teamwork. The critics make some favorable comments on this matter.


Al pacino feeling great over oscar nod
Al Pacino feeling great over Oscar nod

Some critics comment that Al Pacino is the most eligible person to get the award. On the other hand, some critics comment that he has not sufficient ability to get the award. Al Pacino comment that it is not the end there is so many options to perform the job effectively.

The award helps to enhance his performance for further projects. He also shares that he was waiting for this moment over the year, at last, the moment he is thankful for the Oscar nominating authority for choosing him.

He also shares that winning the Oscar is not only the measuring level of an actor’s performance but also the lifetime achievement for an actor. He gives a special speech to his fans that he is very much thankful for supporting him over the years.

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The award is not only the achievement of his performance but also the achievement of the fan’s support. He achieves that award only for the faith of the the television industry fans are the most important focus for any actor or actress. He also said that he is honored to do the character by which he gets this award.


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