Alejandro Betancourt On the Importance of a Team

Alejandro Betancourt

Having the right team can make a significant difference for any company. Alejandro Betancourt knows this well, as he works with startups and other companies where teams are extremely important. Naturally, good leadership also matters. But a good leader without a team will struggle, just as a good team without a leader will face difficulties. The best success often comes from leaders and teams that relate to one another and all share the same kind of vision about the future of the company itself.

When it comes to getting into investments, and how important teams are when choosing companies to invest in, Betancourt says, “I took a large risk, a big risk into investing in a company that had no relevant revenues, had a good storytelling, a good idea, but it needed so much. But I love the team. I think they had the right people with the right drive, and more than the idea, the capability of the people was impressive to me, and I wasn’t wrong. Then it grew to be a star in the European technology sector.”

Investing in startups early is the way Betancourt increases the success he has in the business world. He was very pleased when he invested in JobandTalent, and from there he decided to continue. He goes on to say, “That motivated me a lot to start looking into different sectors where I could be involved at value, make the right investment, and helping them to choose how to deploy the funds, how to enter into different markets, how to find more people that would add more value to the right team, et cetera.

So that was one of the main or the first one on that sector that really gave me a lot of insight, what was happening in the sector. That took me to the other… then we did Auro, then we did Hawkers, then we did BDK, EPG which we sold to Kaiser Bank, which is a largest bank in Spain and many other stories.”

It’s easy to see that Alejandro Betancourt has what it takes to get things done, and to help companies grow and accomplish their goals. But it’s more than just that. It’s also about the teams that are in place at these companies, or that Betancourt helps to put into place there, so the company can do more with the opportunities it has. The right team can make or break a company, and greatly affect how it performs in the marketplace.

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Marketing strategies are also very important to the companies Alejandro Betancourt has worked with and developed over the years. People need to know what these companies offer, but good marketing is much more than that. These companies also need to reach the right audience in the right way. A message is only as good as the channels used to deliver it, because a message that’s going through the wrong channels isn’t reaching nearly as many of the people who will want or need to see it.

Team members who can all work together are vital for the growth of a business. Without a good team, even the best idea can fail. From his location in London, Betancourt is very receptive to good ideas for investment, especially from people who are recommended by others who he knows and trusts. But he also knows that the idea itself isn’t the only area that matters. If the people on the team aren’t dedicated and committed, the idea could fail even if it sounds good on paper.

That’s why Alejandro Betancourt is careful who he chooses to work with, and what companies he invests in. Hawkers worked well for him because the idea was sound, and the people were committed to making it work. The company just needed some investment dollars, and Betancourt could provide those. He led the team so well, though, that they elected him president of the company not long after his belief and investment helped it get back on its feet and then grow by leaps and bounds, so it could thrive.

Betancourt is taking startup companies and helping them position themselves for today’s world. While that’s not always easy, it’s one of the best ways to increase his success and the success of the companies, as well. That brings benefit to more than just Betancourt and the companies, though, because clients and customers receive goods and services they may want or need. Hawkers is a good example of that. The company provides great sunglasses at excellent prices, with real quality and value.

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It’s not always easy to find that combination, but when it’s found it’s typically something that people keep coming back to. They also tell others and spread the word. Social media is a great way to get people talking, and a lot of the advertising there happens organically. But there’s also an element of teamwork to it, with the marketing and sales teams working with the development team and management to provide cohesive information to a target market.

Alejandro Betancourt believes in his ideas, and in the people who help bring them to life. From his home base in London, he can work with people all over the world. Whether he meets someone face-to-face or they send him a private message on social media, he’s always looking for the next great investment and the next great team. By putting those two things together, it’s nearly impossible to fail. The success of many companies depends on whether there is a quality team in place.

Fortunately, there are more and more great ideas coming around with the digital revolution. More products and services are needed, and customers are looking for something new. As Betancourt finds and develops those ideas, he also looks for teams who have the same kind of focus and work ethic he holds himself to, as well. By pairing up with teams that have similar goals, it’s easier for him to express the ideas he has, take in ideas from others, and ensure that those ideas are brought to light as well as possible.

As for the future, and where he’s placing his focus, Betancourt says, “Building projects, make them successful, make them to be sustainable and try to find new challenges constantly. I think that’s my main drive is to try to support the right ideas and prove that I wasn’t wrong on the right ideas I’m supporting, making them to be sustainable and to grow and continue to prove myself that I can add value to the different things I’m choosing to be part of.”


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