All 15 New Nintendo Switch Games Coming In The Next Week


Gamers, we are going to enter game heaven this year. There are so many fascinating impending Switch games to look forward to this a year and beyond, from golden indie gems like Ori and the Blind Forest to big RPGs like Pokémon Sword and Shield and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (aka the Switcher). The calendar for the upcoming months is practically fit to be bursting with the notable games you should be watching out for on Nintendo’s console.

Okay, we won’t deny that a game that describes itself as an” emotional survival game” did strike me as a bit weird. Of course, every survival game is fairly emotional and stressful in its very own way? Right? No? Okay. Anyhow, Neo Cab sees you portraying as the last human cab driver in a city that’s almost fully-automated, trying to reunite with her friend Savvy.

But, sadly enough, she’s yearned for by Capra, which happens to be an omnipresent mega-corporation. We needed some adventure right there. Fun! You’ll be spanning a fictional LA in your car, and along the way, you’ll meet an eclectic range of characters. The game is mostly narration driven and the conversations you have with the people who drop into your back seat, but with a substantial cyberpunk-slant.


It looks to be quite an interesting plot to play through especially as you have to manage your driver rating( so you now think 10 times before giving a bad rating to you Uber)/ and your well manage your “emotions” along the way. Oh, and avoid Capra because he is the villain remember?

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We will also be getting sequels to Super Mario Maker, Fire Emblem, Pokémon and Legend of Zelda. Not only that, but we’re getting generous amounts of new games from big third-party publishers, like Square Enix, to Bethesda, and more.

A roster like this augurs well for Nintendo, whose enormous prosperity and popularity with the Switch only appear to grow as each coming year.


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