All About Cartier: 4 Top Affordable Luxury Watches to Look Out For

All About Cartier

There are a lot of Cartier de Santos watches available in the market right now. All of them are extravagant and fancy, but they might be a bit expensive for a wristwatch. But that’s alright! Some are just as beautiful, maybe even more and a lot cheaper than the others. Below are some of these amazingly cheap watches.

Most of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watches are a powerhouse when it comes to design and flexibility. This is one of the industry’s most respected brands due to their details that never go out of style, elegance, and class. Cartier makes sure that all their designs are at the top of the game and is truly a masterpiece.

Cartier Santos de Cartiers WSSA0023

The first Santos de Cartier watch you need to check availability in the market right now is WSSA0023. There might not be a specific name for these watches, but you can find them using the model number. Many things make this model outstanding.

This is a rectangle-shaped luxury watch designed for women and is made with stainless steel, silver-colored, and scratch-resistant sapphire. Its strap band is made with Alligator leather, and the best feature it has is that it is water-resistant for up to 30 meters/100 feet and is surprisingly cheap. It is amounting to not more than $4000.

Cartier Santos de Cartier’s WSSA0022

Another Santos de Cartier’s watches with no specific model name but is just as impressive as the Cartier Santos de Cartier WSSA0022. You can go ahead and check this watch only by searching the number. The Cartier’s watches were made for aviators so that they can tell time whenever they are flying.

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This Cartier Santos de Cartier watch featured its exposed screws and geometric shapes. It has a beautiful navy blue Crocodile strap that complements its silver dial and blued-steel sword-shaped hands. You can say that this watch gives a confident kind of vibe due to its class and design at an affordable price for a luxury wristwatch.

Cartier’s Santos de Cartier’s W2SA0011

The Santos de Cartier W2SA0011 is a precious timepiece made for men, which comes with a silver dial with a bit of blue on it and a Roman numeral with a stainless steel blue hand. One of the best things this watch has is that it features a diamond set and has a square-shaped case with an 18 karat rose gold bezel.

This watch has a combination of rose gold and stainless steel. Just like the other Cartier wristwatches, it has an Alligator/Crocodile leather strap, and the quality of this watch is quartz type. It also is featured with a water resistance of 30 meters/ 100 feet, and it is inexpensive with an amount, not more than $5000.

Cartier’s Santos de Cartier’s WSSA0010

There is another watch that is not exactly cheap, but it is still affordable. With a market price of $6000- $6500, the Santos de Cartier WSSA0010 is also a masterpiece made for men. This watch stands out due to its automatic winding and strong stainless-steel case with a scratch-proof crystal made from sapphire.

The thing that makes this wristwatch special is that it has a mysterious power of 42 hours, the double adjustable folding buckles make it easy to handle, and its bracelet has a smart link resizing feature.

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There are many more affordable luxury watches globally, but since the Cartier Santos is made mostly for aviators, its durability and strength will not let you down. Pair it with class and sass, and you have a top-notch luxury wristwatch at a budget-friendly price. 


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