“Amazon’s Newly launched free News streaming app for Fire TV: Details inside “

"Amazon's Newly launched free News streaming app for Fire TV: Details inside "

News helps us to get an update with the world’s happenings. There are various platforms that are providing apps for flashing news.

The recent example is Plex with its dedicated news portal. I am going to share about the new app launched by Amazon platform for the Fire TV.

Amazon has recently launched an app for Fire TV, making it easier for its home entertainment customers to watch news broadcasts from a variety of sources available.

It is named as News app and it is available on the Fire TV. It helps customers to catch the news broadcasted from various sources at their home. This app is a combination with the news aggregator on the Plex platform. This app is freely available for Fire TV customers.

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This app gives you leverage the get the news updates any time in the day and it provides you live streaming rather than paid-TV services.

To use this app is pretty simple. It appears on the home screen of Fire TV. You can find this in the “News” section.

While launching the app it will ask you about the categories of news you want. From ample varieties be it sports, entertainment, fashion you can select any number of categories.

You can also select the sources from where you want the news to be broadcasted. There are various outlets available be it The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, a number of yahoo sub-sites, NPR, cheddar, Newsy and many more.

To operate this app you can use Fire TV remote or you can also use Alexa. By providing Alexa commands you can make it run.

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As they are launching the app for the first time, users will be prompted to choose which news channels. A large number of popular sources are offered, including general news sources like CBS News to more niche offerings like Sports and Entertainment Weekly.


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