Amber Portwood to be Fired from Teen Mom OG After Abuse Scandal?


It looks like Amber Portwood’s personality and her ways of dating are coming in the path of her career. She has a track record of abusing and being nasty to every guy she has been dating for a decade now. She got her baby, James last year and we expected that maybe motherhood could make her change her ways.

However, it seems like changing is not for Amber Portwood. Reports suggest that Amber is finally fired from the show Teen Mom and a big of the reason may be her abusive nature and her track record of being a bully to her boyfriends.

It all started to come to limelight with her old boyfriend, Gary. She has abused him publicly and been so cool about it. She made the rounds to prison and again her abusive behavior contributed a lot to it. Both broke up later on.

Amber Portwood to be Fired from Teen Mom OG After Abuse Scandal?

After she was released from prison, she took not much time before getting into another relationship with Matt Baier. Remember when a picture of Matt surfaced with bruises on his face and he said it had nothing to with Amber? Who knows! They ended their relationship in the marriage boot camp and that is where she met her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

Amber soon got pregnant with Andrew Glennon and that is when it seemed that maybe she could change for her baby and for her baby’s father. James was brought into this world and our hopes were increasing of Amber getting better.

But as luck could have it, she abused Andrew in public and chased him with a machete while James was in her arms. She admitted to the abuse but she was very carefree about it. He even claimed that Amber was rough with James too.

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A recording was released which clearly proved her being extremely abusive towards Andrew. After that, she stopped filming for the show as apparently her lawyers decided so. Producers are in dilemma about what to do with her. Will she really get fired?


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