Has AMC Theatres recovered from the COVID-19 caused financial crisis?

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres is one of the largest series of cinemas in America. It is also referred to as American Multi-Cinemas or AMC Entertainment Holding Inc., To begin with, the controversies related to AMC theatres are always on the line. Once again, AMC bankruptcy rumors have stunned the internet as the fact unfolded that AMC is suffering under $500 million debt.


For the most part, not so long ago, Erin Wold, the high-end financial analyst at B. Riley FBR Company founded in 1989 forecasted the bankruptcy of the cinemas under Chapter 11. How much was this rumor true? To begin with, the predicament of Erin Wold is questionable as recently AMC theatres have updated their stock status from “sell” to “neutral.” What has caused this high-end chain of theatres to overcome such an “endgame” form of financial crisis amid CoronaVirus Pandemic? Is the company telling the truth or is it a trick to put some gap between the bankruptcy?”

AMC Theatres’ pecuniary status

In America, the CoronaVirus pandemic has caused people to follow the regulations of social distancing and self-quarantine. Thus, viewing such a dilemma of the country, AMC theatres had to shut down its 630 cinemas across the country. Above all, this resulted in the sudden drop of shares from $3.30 on 8 April 2020 to $2.08 on 13 April 2020. But, it seems like the company has instantly recovered this loss in 8 days. On 21st April 2020, its shares are back at $3.25.

Believe it or not, AMC Theatres is holding a secret source of debt to it. Fortunately, we know about it. To begin with, on Friday, the company stated: “we cannot predict when or if our business will return to normal levels.” However, on Monday, another fact disclosed. It has unfolded that AMC Theatres is going under $500 million debt to fill in the gaps. Thus, it is not going to go bankrupt any soon. 

Further, the main question arises. What is that? Let’s take a glimpse:

How has AMC Theatres come out of the chapter 11 Bankruptcy risk?

Amid CoronaVirus pandemic, AMC Entertainment encounters the largest risk of shutting down forever. As per the recent records, on immediate Friday in the past, its head was seen at the premises of Weil Gotshal and Manges law firm in order to overcome this Bankruptcy risk under chapter 11. Well! The move has proven good for the chains of Theatres as according to law, AMC Entertainment is applying a private debt offering that will remain exempt from the 1933 securities act. 


Thus, this debt will give enough time to AMC entertainments to overcome the loss, hopefully! However, the chances of failure are not too weak. It is because medical experts have not been successful until today to find a vaccine for CoronaVirus. On the current date, over 8, 26, 240 cases have been recorded in the U.S.A in which 25, 000 deaths were recorded. 

AMC Theatres Brief history…

Today, AMC Entertainment is highly suffering. However, this largest chain of Multiple-Cinemas has also encountered various successful phases in the past. For instance, AMC has acquired over 300 local cinemas all over the world. Hence, it further expanded to a total of 630 cinemas in six countries. Indeed, AMC’s good luck in acquisition has remained very strong until recently. In 2017, this American Multi-Cinemas acquired Nordic Cinema Group (NCG) for $929 million in the form of the European Commission. 


Furthermore, it has also been part of many controversies. For example, in 1995, AMC somehow found itself as the main target of the Americans with Disabilities Act after a wheelchair user found himself embarrassed in AMC cinemas for causing trouble to the abled-users. The lawsuit unfolded the fact the infrastructures of AMC cinemas are not friendly for the disabled. 

Later, to deal with the lawsuit in a better way, AMC took the right actions. It re-constructed the auditoriums by reconstructing a ramp-based entrance for wheelchair users. At last, AMC won the lawsuit by pointing out a loophole in the United States Access Board Guidelines related to the comfort of disables. 


Anyways! The good news is as soon as the CoronaVirus pandemic ends. Movie fanatics can enjoy their first scene of the upcoming movies in AMC Theatre premises because it is not shutting down. Since the shares are “sell” to “neutral” now, they will hopefully upscale in the next few weeks. Till then, stay tuned!


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