AMD has announced that the Zen 3 is design complete


AMD Zen 2 Processors have been launched and are already available to the market and enterprise with 3rd Gen Ryzen and 2nd Gen Epyc, Processors that are out and ready to give the computers, Iron Man Power. What’s more surprising to see is that AMD despite winning over its biggest competitor intel is not slowing down. On its launch event itself, the intel competitor announced in their video that the architectural design of Zen 3 is complete and can be expected to get launched by 2020.

Not just the launch video of Zen 2 at the event had the mention of Zen 3 but the slides also showed that Zen 4 too was in design. Though there is no reason to expect the launch of Zen 4 soon as it’s still in the designing mode. These advancements shown in the video were a message to the audience that these victories are not going to stop AMD and only motivate and push the company to make more powerful processors than ever before.

AMD has announced that the Zen 3 is design complete
AMD has announced that the Zen 3 is design complete

AMD Zen 3 is being expected to be based on 7nm+ process like Zen+ which suggests if the rumors are to be believed then the computers will soon be able to perform in a better speed consuming less power. This change would be achieved with the transition of AMD Zen 3 from a 7nm EUV from 7 DUV nodes. In other words, the change from Deep Ultraviolet to Extreme Ultraviolet nodes is going to make Zen 3 better than the Zen 2 CPUs in terms of performance, better efficiency and minimal to no errors.

After passing the design phase, the Zen 3 is all set for prototyping and testing which means that Zen 3 products can be expected only after 2020. And with Zen 4 being in the designing phase, one can only imagine and wait for the products equipped with Zen 4 to get an early launch by 2021.


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