American Horror Story: 1984′ premiere Recap- Fans review and reactions


The reviews are in, and the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984 on FX Wednesday night, which served up a pair of serial killers for fans’ viewing pleasure, had Twitter not only buzzing over the horrible deaths to come but joking whether star Emma Roberts misses her previous grumble roles now that she’s shed them to play a self-avowed virgin. Read ahead to find out more.

Mixed opinions

TV critics welcomed the fifth season of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, which takes a slice out of Friday the 13th, Halloween, and other memorable classics of the ’80s slasher genre. But they weren’t too thrilled with Roberts’ turn against type as a sweet-as-pie self-proclaimed last American virgin. Vanity Fair called her performance bland, writing that if there’s a joke being made here, she doesn’t seem to be in on it yet. Though the magazine reserved its highest praise for co-star Billie Lourd, hailing her unrepentant innuendo.

American Horror Story: 1984' premiere Recap- Fans review and reactions
American Horror Story: 1984′ premiere Recap- Fans review and reactions

There’s the good and bad

On the other hand, however,  AV Club claimed the episode’s deep dive into ’80s nostalgia, a barrage of references, and simple gore made the hit series fun again with its lovingly ripped off plot of crazed knife-wielding assailants on the loose, not to mention its throwback VHS-inspired opening credits.

Eating up the suspense

If you haven’t seen the premiere yet, consider this a plead and get on it right this second. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Lo and Brooke find herself on the run from Mr. Jingles in a scene humorously intercut with runners from the 1984 Summer Olympics, while the episode ends with the Night Stalker turning up at Camp Redwood, hinting at the bloody competition to come.

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