American Horror Story season 9 episode 3 Splash Dance to be out soon – What’s going to happen? Release date and details ahead


American Horror Story season 9 episode 2 ended as the Night Stalker encountered Jonas — that handsome hitchhiker-turned-roadkill we met last week — and proceeded to gut him like a damn tauntaun and since then we’ve been dying to find out what happens then. If you’re anything like us, well the wait is over because you have a possible theory we know you will be interested in. Don’t miss out on the chance to find out, all it takes is reading ahead.

Wait, so dead or not?

Before being murdered for the second time this season, Jonas seemed very surprised to see the Night Stalker in the woods. “You’re not supposed to be here,” Jonas told him. “Wait, I don’t die here!” And because guys like Richard love being told what’s what, he proved Jonas wrong with another bloody, gruesome death. And that wasn’t even the last time Richard would kill Jonas this week! Seriously, some guys just don’t know how to stay dead.

 The trauma of being sent

American Horror Story’s newest episode plays as imitation is the best form of tragedy, coming clean can be pretty messy.  Speaking of trauma, Brooke revealed that she’s experienced her own share of American Horror Stories in life, the worst of which being the time her jealous fiancé murdered their entire wedding party, and himself, on their big day. It should also be noted that Montana was super supportive of her new friend.

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Keeping us on the edge

The upcoming episode of American Horror Story: 1984 looks awesome. In the preview for Slashdance, which is the third episode of season nine, we see all our favorite characters running around as death looms around them. We also can hear an unknown voice in a spiked pit saying they’re dying. It sounds like it’s a guy, but it’s not clear if it’s a character we’ve already been introduced to or somebody new. Either way, the preview should have fans pretty pumped. Give it a watch for yourself.



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