Android Google Maps: Now has a Street View Layer


Google Maps’ Street View is the best in the business and despite the fact that it’s been available on Android for a considerable length of time, it was never too proposed in the application as it’s been on the work area. Which is moving now, however — Google has recently included a “Road View” layer in the Maps application that makes using the element significantly simpler.

The new layer is really intuitive, demonstrating the avenues on which Google’s Street View vehicles have tried different things with the comparative brilliant blue shading that is utilized in the work area.

Only tap where you need to go, and you’ll be taken into Street View. Obviously, you can at present enter Street View just by composing the location or utilizing the committed Street View application, yet this is another strategy that will plainly have its aims.


Similarly, as with a large number of these component discharges, we can’t affirm if this has completely taken off to everybody, except it seems to be genuinely far-reaching. In the event that you haven’t got the Street View layer as of now, you’ll likely observe it soon.

With the new layer, clients can scarcely tap on the layers catch inside Google Maps and in like manner tap on the layer stamped ‘Road View’. Clients will currently be capable to sea lanes that have road view bolsters implied with indistinguishable blue lines from they are on the work area variant of Google Maps.

Taping on any road view upheld territory, ted road will consequently raise the Street View interface approving clients to guide through the road with full 360-degree symbolism of the environment.

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When the Street View layer is chosen, you will be displayed regions where Street View symbolism is open in a darker shade. When you zoom in, you will see singular roads set apart in blue. Zones that don’t have any Street View picture will basically demonstrate the shade of the guide type (Default, Satellite, Terrain).

As of not long ago, the devoted Street View layer was just accessible on Google Maps on the web. As verified by the people over at 9To5Google, it is yet to take off on Google Maps for iOS.


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