Android warning : New scam could be most expensive mistake you make today- Explaind how?


Security specialists at Sophos have uncovered a bevy of Android apps formulated specifically to ravage users when its free session ends – charging £200 to your credit card, even after you have deleted the application.

Amongst the applications found out by Sophos are a number of widespread utility apps, comprising a basic QR code text, compass, and calculator. It is important to report that none of these comprises any malicious law and using the application itself would not damage your gadget.

Instead, crafty application developers have taken advantage of the capacity to offer free sessions for premium subscription applications available in the Google Play Store to get individuals to pay over the odds for their applications.

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While many premium Android apps will accuse the same as you would expect to pay for aa huge Latte to go, those identified by Sophos billed individuals up to $240, roughly £200, if they flunked to hit Cancel on the available trial they started when they utilized the app for the first time.

Android warning  New scam could be most expensive mistake you make today- Explaind how
Android warning New scam could be the most expensive mistake you make today- Explained how

That’s a bunch.

To make matters worse, while many well-known Android developers will repeal any outstanding commitments to their application or service when you eliminate their application from your device – a pretty clear sign that you are finished with it – these applications would proceed to charge.

So, Android phone and tablet owners would not even be prepared to see the application on their devices when the subscription taxes started to come in – making the revocation process seem even more of a challenge.

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It is worth pointing out that this exercise does not mean the applications are breaking any laws. In its terms and conditions, Google instructs all the users to cancel any subscriptions or some extra payments from premium applications before uninstalling them to avert being billed at a later date.


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