Angelina Jolie Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors: Here’s Everything You Should Know


Ever since he split up with Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper has been linked to some popular people, such as his co-star Lady Gaga in “A Star Is Born.” Soon, the iconic popstar’s name was later pushed into the image when a news story emerged saying the actor saw actress Jennifer Garner in private.

It was a feature story in a women’s day magazine exploring the tale of Cooper dating from Garner, who used to be his co-star in the action TV series “Alias” However, the fact-check site was doubtful and examined the truthfulness of the story.

Woman’s Day also quipped in the article titled “Jen & Bradley Sneaking Around,” that Garner’s conscious efforts at getting incognito were a bad idea when someone saw the actress “as she was snatching out of Bradley Cooper’s House in Los Angeles on Twelfth July.”

The paper does, however, imply that their connection may have gone to a notch up and that a “secret date” could be the first of many more to come.

The paper quoted a reportedly famous source and then said that the time is ideal for Garner and Cooper because the latter has just divided Shayk. “Nobody would be surprised if they, in the end, took their friendship to the next level,” said the unnamed source. “The timing couldn’t have been any batter for them to do things once and for all.”

This time, the magazine added, the friends of many years recognized the fact that they are in fact just made for each other. “In times of trouble you always look for each other, but perhaps you have realized that what you want could stand right in front of your eyes,” the tipster said.

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However, Gossip Cop also had a trusted insider contacted who informed the site that Cooper and Garner had nothing at all romantic going on. They’re just close friends, as ever, since they’ve been working in “Alias” together in 2001.

So it is unlikely that Bradley Cooper and Angelina Jolie is actually a thing but in this industry, it is difficult to rule anything out. So let’s wait and watch!


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