Answerly: Say Goodbye to Challenges As a Writer

Challenges As a Writer
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Stephen King had a point when he said “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things read a lot and write a lot.” This might sound hectic, but trust us, as long as you’re passionate about it, it’s fun. However, being a freelance content writer isn’t a bed of roses all the time. There isn’t money rolling every time. As much as there are benefits of being a writer, such individuals also have a fair share of Challenges As a Writer.

Even though it’s a fun job, but not an easy one. It requires skill and expertise and patience to grow as a writer. If you are in this field for a long time you might be aware of some hurdles and have a strategy to overcome some of them. But not on all writing platforms, the writers face the same issues. As the world has advanced, the writing industry has transformed itself as well. This modernization has given birth to one such app named Answerly.

What Issues Do Writers Face?

People find the job of freelance content writers fascinating. The leverage of working anytime anywhere is what they only see. Little do they know it’s a double-edged sword. This career comes with a few problems, especially freshies are its victim. We’ll be discussing plenty of issues and see how Answerly can be of any help and what’s the hype about!

  1. Readability

Being carried away by thoughts is one of the biggest issues faced by the writers. As a writer, it is crucial to maintain readability. It’s easy to deviate from the core of the topic when you’re lost in thoughts. Some writers tend to use hard vocabulary and uncommon phrases. Such issues become a hurdle in a content’s readableness. Other times writers unintentionally start copying others’ content in a different tone.

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Answerly is a revolutionary Q/A platform that is based on an immaculate algorithm. It has an integrated plagiarism checker which ensures whatever content is being posted is authentic. Plus, the best answers are displayed on the top. There are plenty of characteristics that set the criteria for a good answer; readability and authenticity are one of them. Alongside these, grammar, sentence structure, length, and vocabulary also play a role in determining the top answers. Challenges As a Writer-

2. Writer’s block

Be it freelance or any other type of writer, this situation clenches them all. There are a bunch of reasons behind this misery block such as fatigue, mental stress, boredom, etc. The state where writers find it challenging and feel pressured for not developing content is a tough aspect of this job. Typically, such situations arise due to past criticism or failures.

On Answerly, you’re free to do anything you like! You can choose from plenty of writing styles and a topic of your choice and start writing. There is no pressure of deadlines whatsoever! Moreover, to make your writing more unique, you can choose pictures from the integrated Unsplash library. You can take breaks and pick up the pace from where you left off. Excusing yourself from work will help eliminate this common problem.

3. Too much competition

This part is not limited to a writing career only. But, enthusiastic competition exists among writers on platforms. Each one of them wants to get ahead of one another and find as many clients as possible. To exit this problem, the only way out is to learn about several domains allowing you to provide a unique selling point as compared to other writers.

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On Answerly, the self-promoting marketers don’t steal your thunder as it’s strictly against the platform’s policy. Additionally, there is no biased competition here. As long as you give your 100% in an answer, meet the criteria, your answers will be displayed on top.

4. Price negotiation

Being out of work is one of the biggest nightmares of writers. Most of the times writers come across low-paying clients. Others have to deal with the late payments, all these cases pile up and create frustration. As a writer, you would want your money on time when you put your heart and soul while keeping the deadline in mind. In worst cases, some clients don’t pay at all. You keep reminding them and what is the result? Fraud. Other times either there is mismanagement from the client’s end or they cannot find a source to pay through!

The best part! There is no such fuss on Answerly! Why? Because this platform is built on Stellar Blockchain technology and the writers here earn rewards in tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrencies or fiat. This website aims to give monetary benefits to the users instead of the giants owning them. Plus, there are no middlemen, fussy clients, or late payments. As soon as you reach the required transaction limit of your rewards, you can transact that amount from your Stellar wallet. Answerly uses the services of Lobstr that has made transactions swift and almost no fee.

Become a Part of Answerly Family Now! Challenges As a Writer-

Now is the time to join Answerly and become a part of this ever-growing community which has over 200,000+ members now. It is easier to overcome the minor challenges as a writer once you’ve found the right medium. And we believe, there is nothing better than Answerly in this era!




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