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Anthony davis wife
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Anthony Davis Jr. is one of the legendary players who has often been in the talks for his amazing performance on the basketball court and irresistible dashing personality and physique. But, nowadays, more than AD himself, Anthony Davis Wife, Marlen P. Davis, is trending on the internet. Fans are eager to know about their inside marriage details, such as what does Marlen P do for a living? Or, what ethnicity is she from? Are you also wondering about such details? If yes, then today, we are taking you on the journey to know your favorite basketball player with an extended view. 

In this reading, you will find every detail you need to know about Anthony Davis Wife and Mr. Davis himself. Let’s get started.

Who is Anthony Davis? 

To begin with, Anthony Davis Jr. is a 29 years old NBA All-Star player. He has won the honor four times. Hence, if you are a follower of basketball, you cannot miss this 6 feet and 8 inches tall and handsome young man on the court. Born on March 11th of 1993 in Chicago, Anthony Davis started playing basketball at a very young age. In school, since the sixth standard, he had been part of the local basketball team. From grades to high school and then college, Anthony M. Davis continued to explore his passion for basketball which led him to win multiple awards, honors, and recognitions. Some noteworthy of these honors are: 

Anthony davis wife
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  • NBA, National Basketball Association All-Star (X8, i.e.., eight times)
  • Part of NBA All-Defensive teams (four times)
  • Part of NBA All-First teams (four times)
  • NBA Championship 
  • And, consensus national player of the year
  • NBA All-Rookie First team
  • 2012 Olympics Gold Medal Winner
  • And, 2014 World Cup Team Gold Medal Winner

With so many honors at hand to flaunt, he is a down-to-earth man, and so is Anthony Davis’ Wife, Marlen P. Davis. 

Anthony davis wife
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According to Wikipedia, Davis has set up multiple records since the beginning of his career in the NBA in 2012. For example, in 2012, Davis set a record of blocking more than enough shots in each game than the entire opposition team in a season. Not only this, but on the basketball court, he has also blocked legendary players like Andrew Riddick and Melwin Turpin. Further ahead, according to the inside details, there has been no game of Anthony Davis where he has scored any less than 5 blocked shots and over 14 rebounds. 

Who are all in Anthony Davis’ family? 

For the most part, Anthony Marshon Davis Jr.’s record-breaking career in the NBA makes him stand out. However, do you know? Anthony Davis Jr. is not the only basketball impassioned in the family. According to the inside details, Anthony also has a twin sister named Antoinette, who is also a sports enthusiast. On the contrary, Mr. Davis Jr.’s older sister, a.k.a. Lesha Davis, was a hardcore basketball player in college. 

Not only this, but Anthony’s long-distance cousins in Germany are also basketball players. Hence, you can say that sportsmanship runs in the Davis family. Anthony’s father, Davis Sr., also takes a lot of interest in basketball and what’s good for him.

Anthony davis wife
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For example, in 2019, Anthony Davis Jr’s father, Davis Sr., told the media that he does not support his son playing for the Boston Celtics. The reason was Davis Sr. was furious at how the Boston Celtics traded their point guard after an unavoidable hip injury. Davis Sr. also further called the Boston Celtics heartless. But more on that later!

Last but not least, in Davis Jr’s family, a new member has joined in. Marlen P, Anthony Davis Wife. Let’s get to know more about her. 

Who is Anthony Davis Wife? 

As mentioned before, Anthony Davis Wife is Marlen P. Davis. According to the inside details, the couple, Anthony and Marlen, tied knots in 2021 last year in the month of September. Even though the media does not know very much about Marlen, it has been disclosed that she originally comes from Los Angeles. 

With such little details known about Marlen P, fans are eager to know what ethnicity she comes from? Well! We have an answer for you. Marlen P, Anthony Davis’ Wife, is indeed Dominican. But, she was born in America. Hence, she is an American by nationality. 

On the other hand, Anthony Davis himself is African-American. He was also born in the USA. So, by nationality, he is an American. 

Anthony davis wife
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What else is there to know about Marlen P? Well! In a year, the media has not gotten to know much about Marlen. It concludes that Marlen is a very private person even though the paparazzi capture her husband’s every move in and out of the basketball courts. On Instagram as well, Anthony Davis Wife has a closed account. 

All that we acknowledge is that she is beautiful!

Unlike Anthony, Anthony Davis Wife, Marlen P. is only 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Apart from this, inside details reveal that Marlen P. is indeed 29 years old herself, the same as her husband. Last but not least, she is a homemaker and mother of Anthony Davis Daughter named Nala Davis. 

To the reader’s surprise, Marlen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2017. During her mother and father’s wedding, Nala was already 3 years old. Now, she is four. 

Want to see pictures of beautiful Marlen P? Catch a glance of her at Anthony Davis Instagram.

What is Anthony Davis Net Worth? 

It does not weigh how much we love our favorite sportsman but once in a while, the thought of how much money they have got pop-up in our minds. Are you also curious? Well! Here comes a surprise. Do you know? According to the 2022 Sportsmen Net Worth estimation analysis with us, Anthony Davis Net Worth has reached $100 Million.

Surprisingly enough, only at the age of 29 did Anthony Davis obtains the title of a millionaire. Fans of AD on the web cannot stop bragging about the fact that Anthony Davis will be on the top NBA players list when , Kevin Durant, and Steven Curry retire. But, there is a spread out way to go!

Image credit: Sports casting – Anthony Davis at Lakers Los Angeles GAME

Inside details also reveal that Anthony Davis NBA contract salary per annum is anywhere between 35 million USD to 38 Million USD. Not only this but his five years contract with NBA teams land between 100 Million to 200 Million approximately. If we talk about exact figures, in 2020, AD signed a five years contract with the Lakers NBA team valued at 190 Million USD (approx figure). In 2016, the Lakers signed Anthony for a five years contract valued at 127 Million USD approximately. Before that as well, AD was playing for the Lakers. His 3 years contract from 2012 to 2015 was valued at 27 Million USD. 

By keeping all these contractual income and NBA salaries in mind, Anthony Davis’s salary per month is anywhere between 2.5 Million to 3 Million USD. Breaking down the numbers further, for one game, he earns upto 500K USD. And, what’s shocking is that this legendary player earns 10 grand per minute. 

Where will he be spending all this money? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Where does he live? 

Believe it or not, when someone has so much money in hand to spend, it is easy for fans to assume that Anthony must live a luxurious lifestyle in a mansion. Well! The fans are always right! Currently, Anthony is living in a villa-mansion situated in Los Angeles, California. To be more specific, his villa is in Stratford Circle. But, this is no simple villa. Indeed, it is a 16700 sq. giant villa consisting of eight king bedrooms and bathrooms. 

What’s more jaw-dropping about this villa is its glass ceiling doom that you may have seen only in movies and period dramas on Netflix. 

Anthony davis wife
Image credit: The recent times – Anthony Davis tied knots with Marlen P.

To the reader’s surprise, this villa-mansion’s market value is currently 32 Million USD. Apart from this, NBA Player Davis Jr. also owns a mansion in Bel Air that is also $31 Million worth. This mansion in Bel Air is bigger than the one in Los Angeles. Want another surprise? The Bel Air mansion also has a private basketball court for this amazing player to practice. 

Currently, Anthony lives in LA, California, with Marlen P. Anthony Davis Wife and daughter Nala. 

Other income sources: 

Apart from basketball contracts with NBA teams and separate salaries from NBA itself, Mr. Davis also obtains annual income from brand endorsement contracts. In 2021, Forbes disclosed a report where it mentioned AD’s income from brand endorsement amounting to 10 Million Dollars approximately. According to our research, Anthony is associated with big brands like Nike, Red Bull, Foot Locker, Saks. And more. 

But, Anthony has a big heart and down to earth personality. He also has a giving side. Anthony often donates to charity. Just last year, he donated over 250K USD for a program against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Controversies involving Anthony Davis Wife

Like every other sport, whether LeBron James or Steve Curry, Anthony has also been bashed on the internet for controversial statements and moves. In one of the recent controversies, fans got angry with Anthony Davis for playing against the Lakers. Back in 2012, when the NBA drafted Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans were ready to sign Davis. However, he picked the Los Angeles Lakers. Since then, he has encountered bashing from fans to enter the Lakers in an unethical way. 

Image credit: and USA Today – Anthony davis

There are no controversies that include Anthony Davis Wife except the fact that she is quite a private person and never talks to media.


From Anthony Davis Wife Marlen P to daughter Nala, Career earnings, controversies; now you know everything there is to know about this legendary NBA player. He has a long way to go and outdo the top players of the NBA. Keep following basketball matches details on our page. Bookmark for more. Thank you!


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