Anti-cervical cancer vaccine campaigners should be stopped from causing harm


There is a wide, spread of disease all across the world, and some are deadly and lethal. One such is cervical cancer. 

 Cervical Cancer is a disease which has gained its spread momentum in the past few years. It has been killing hundreds and thousands of girls. To curb its spread and reduce the mortality due to this disease, HPV(Human papillomavirus) vaccine has been developed. And meticulous care is taken for its administration that it works most effectively. Yet there is always a group which is adamant to link everything to religious and spiritual beliefs which is sentimental for the mob. 

As they do so, the aim and purpose of the scientific development stand forfeited and the religious dogma is encouraged and carried forward. 

The revelations in the survey are shocking

Recently, a survey conducted and research concluded that some of the Kenyan communities have become orthodox in believing that any vaccination of such kind will lead the girls to become sterile and eventually lead to an entire generation with barren girls. They are considering the vaccine as “murder weapon” and are vehemently convinced about it that it will do no good, rather harm. They truly consider it to be a business gimmick for all the individuals and authorities who conduct them. 

Anti-cervical cancer vaccine

Incidentally, the Health Ministry is finding it extremely difficult to educate the masses with the dangerously wrong notion. They are putting out slogans and demeaning the campaigners who are working for it. This needs to be curbed at the soonest as the rate of deaths due to cervical cancer is touching records of being at an all-time high. This lack of knowledge is extremely dangerous and will be proved lethal with time. 

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